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5 Paradisiacal Beaches of the Caribbean in Costa Rica that you can not miss

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You’ve probably heard a lot about the beaches on Costa Rica’s Pacific coast, but did you know some of the country’s most beautiful tropical locations lie on the Caribbean side?  The Caribbean coast of Costa Rica never disappoints, with its breathtaking sunrises, frequent sloth sightings, and the unique soundscape created by the humming cicadas. Here are some of our favorite Caribbean beaches to visit in Costa Rica.

1. Punta Uva




This tranquil beach located almost on the border of Costa Rica and Panama has lovely fine sand, lots of colorful coral, and its calm waves make it a perfect spot for snorkeling.  


2. Playa Chiquita



True to its name, part of the “Little Beach” Playa Chiquita charm is that it tends to be less crowded than some others.  It’s also located in a gorgeous area and features some lush walking trails. It’s beautiful!


3. Puerto Vargas



Located in Cahuita National Park, Puerto Vargas is extremely well-preserved due to its status as a national park.  The only catch is that you have to be on the lookout for food-stealing monkeys!


4. Playa Cocles




This is one of the larger beaches along the Caribbean coast, and is great for a more touristy experience and to get in some surfing.


5. Gandoca Manzanillo



For a truly unique beach experience, be sure to walk to the very end of Gandoca Manzanillo, where you’ll find a well-known palm tree-covered rock and an incredible lookout point with views of the mustard-colored sand and a huge range of amazing ocean shades, from blues to greens to purples.  

Costa Rica’s Caribbean beaches are fun to explore via bicycle, ask us for this service and we will help you make your experience in the Caribbean an unforgettable trip.

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