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Poas Volcano Reopens Its Doors

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One of Costa Rica’s best-known and most popular volcanoes, frequently visited by tourists and locals alike, is the Poas Volcano, conveniently located in the mountains of Alajuela, an easy drive from the capital city of San Jose.  The flora and fauna that thrives in the volcano’s surrounding areas is impressive enough, but even more exciting is the volcano’s mile-long active crater, as well the bright blue lakes that have formed within its smaller, dormant craters.  


Unfortunately, the Poás Volcano National Park was forced to close its gates to the public in April of last year in a preventative measure following volcanic activity in one of Poás’ main craters.  

Today, the park has finally reopened its gates, once again welcoming visitors and forever intent on protecting the safety of tourists, as well as the natural resources of the volcano itself.  To that end, the park has taken a number of steps in the improvement and modernization of its facilities, and visitors will be required to adhere to an updated series of guidelines.


Updates to the facilities include modern gas control devices, control devices for tremor and volcanic activity, protective shelters with helmets and safety masks, and general renovations.  There will be permanent monitoring of the volcano’s activity from now on, an important step that sets Costa Rica apart from many other countries with volcanoes.

Visitors will be allowed a total of 40 minutes in the park: 10 minutes for the trek to the crater, 20 minutes at the crater and 10 minutes for the return walk. There is no access to the Botos Lagoon at this time, and in case of fog at the crater there will not be extra wait time allotted as there was in the past.  


There will also be some restrictions in admittance for people with heart problems, high blood pressure, pregnant women, children and people with mobility difficulties.  Families entering with children will be required to sign a waiver exempting the National Park from any liability, and the same will apply for differently abled visitors.

20 guides have been newly accredited as a requirement for this opening process.

We’re thrilled to announce the reopening of one of Costa Rica’s prized jewels of biodiversity, and remind all volcano enthusiasts to follow the park’s guidelines to ensure a safe and enjoyable visit.  

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