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When is the Best Season to Visit Costa Rica For You

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There’s no bad time to visit Costa Rica.  At any given time of year, you’ll be able to see amazing sights, a variety of animals, and enjoy plenty of adventure.  That being said, costs, crowds, and rainfall do vary greatly throughout the year, so it’s good to know how to plan your trip. Discover when is the best season to visit Costa Rica for you!


The high season in Costa Rica really peaks in December, when the rains are over and everything is lush and beautiful.  Prices go up during this time, but that doesn’t stop huge groups of tourists from flocking to the country’s many hotspots. Definitely gorgeous weather, but it might be worth considering visiting in January when the crowds are starting to lessen and prices drop a little.


Apart from the gorgeous weather, another big draw of a January visit is the wildlife activity, as migrant birds start arriving from the north, sea turtles begin nesting on the shores of some of the beaches, and humpback whales arrive to give birth in the warm ocean waters of the Pacific.


The dry season lasts from December until the end of April, so much of the country is great to visit during that time. From May to December is the rainy season in Costa Rica, but even during the rainy season, mornings are generally sunny, and the tropical rainstorms are pretty amazing in their own right.



The rainy season can be a good time to visit the Caribbean, home to some of Costa Rica’s most beautiful and largely unknown beaches.

The rainy season is also a beautiful time where nature takes its greatest intensity and is more alive in all its senses, that’s why we call it “Green Season“. It’s spectacular!


Overall, we insist that it’s impossible to have a bad time in Costa Rica, no matter what time of year you visit. Looking into the seasons and attractions can give you a better idea of when to go based on what you’re looking to do, but otherwise, pick a month and go! You won’t regret it.

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