A family honeymoon, where should you go?

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If you’re one of those young people looking for a paradise destination for their next holiday, either with your partner or with your family, then what you need is a honeymoon, it doesn’t matter if it has a family or a romantic focus. In this post we’ll introduce you to the best destinations in Central America for you to enjoy as never before.

Destinations for a perfect honeymoon

1. Costa Rica with the kids

This beautiful Central American country offers unparalleled opportunities in terms of biodiversity, landscapes, culture and entertainment.

Costa Rica is divided into 20 national parks, eight ecological reserves and several protected areas that you can visit to do ecotourism activities. Within these protected areas and parks you’ll find a great variety of walks and excursions, horseback riding, hiking on mountain paths and guided tours that will allow you to discover the local the flora and fauna.

The Tortuguero National Park is an ideal place for observing the spawning of these animals. The park also has a network of natural canals, inhabited by endangered species, such as crocodiles, manatees and otters.

You can also visit the most famous beaches in Costa Rica, the beaches of Guanacaste, located in the province of Guanacaste, in the northwest of the country. Here the sands are white, the waters are warm and transparent, and you’ll feel as if you’re in a tranquil pool. Nothing could be better for your kids.

All these activities are perfect for enjoying Costa Rica with kids, always taking care of them and without taking your eyes off them.

2. The Beaches of Panama

Panama’s beaches are world famous for giving you a taste of paradise. There are so many of them, but we’ve chosen just three, which we think are the best for your family honeymoon.

Playa Blanca

This beach, 90 minutes away from Panama City, has the white sands and warm waters typical of these latitudes. It gets very crowded, both with tourists and locals. You can do lots of family activities such as boating and horseback riding, fishing, golf and beach sports. This is also the place with the biggest swimming pool in the country.

Cayo Zapatilla and Cayo Coral in Bocas del Toro

Cayo Zapatilla is comprised of two islets surrounded by reefs, and is located east of Bastimentos, a medium-sized island. These islands are perfect to enjoy on foot, you can walk from one end to the other, observing nature, the vegetation and the wonderful white sand beaches typical of the Caribbean.

Cayo Coral is at the northern end of the country. It’s part of Isla Colon, very popular thanks to its crystalline waters filled with coral reefs, and is surrounded by mangrove swamp. This place has the perfect conditions for snorkelling and diving, great activities to do with the kids, always after proper instruction and practice with a competent teacher.

3. Typical Guatemalan dishes

This beautiful country, apart from its incredible beaches and huge biodiversity, also has one of the best cuisines on the entire continent. That’s why we’ve chosen a series of typical Guatemalan dishes that you and your family should try, so that you’ll have the best taste in your mouth at the end of your holiday!

Kak ik

This is a broth made with ‘chunto’ meat, or chompipe, a selection of vegetables, spices and a good hit of chili. It’s served with rice or tamales, and with pinol or cocoa to drink.


This one’s already well-known: tortillas with meat, egg, cheese, beetroot and sauce. The mix of flavours makes this dish an unforgettable one. See if you can eat it without breaking the crispy tortilla!


A potato-based dough, which is then mixed with tomato to give it its characteristic flavour. It can also be mixed with chicken and chili, making it even tastier.

4. Nicaragua

This country, like the ones mentioned previously, has incredible landscapes, unforgettable beaches and unique food that you’ll never forget. And you can also enjoy the architecture of its two colonial cities, León and Granada. First of all, you have to visit the Cathedral of the Assumption of Mary, a World Heritage Site. Wander its streets and typical squares, take a break to relax with your family, sitting down to eat with them while admiring the surrounding mountains and the beauty of the city.

The natural landscape invites you to walk along country paths, where you can see a many species of animals such as iguanas, toucans, and small monkeys, among others. 

Another amazing site is Ometepe Island, in the middle of Lake Cocibolca. It The island is well-know for its twin volcanoes as well as its wonderful hills and beaches.

And to end with…

The four destinations mentioned, together with all the activities, are perfect for your honeymoon or family trip, but do keep a close eye on your children, and make sure you get good advice to make for a safe and unforgettable holiday. 


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