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Nicaraguan Dictionary for Foreigners

In Central America, we share a common language, Spanish. However each country has its own words or expressions that make us different and distinguish us from the rest of the world. Perhaps nothing tells you so much about a person as his or way of speaking, and Nicaraguans are experts on creating phrases and expressions. With its long history of literary authors, it’s no surprise that Nicaraguans themselves use a very colorful language to make themselves understood.

Here are 5 phrases that can make your stay in Nicaragua more pleasurable:

A huevo: (adj) An expression of agreement, meaning something is really good, nice, etc. The car is “a huevo.”

Arrecho:  (adj) To be mad at somebody.  I am “arrecho” because you didn’t go out with me.

Bacanal: (noun) Party. Let’s go to a “bacanal”

Deacachimba: (adj) Used to describe something that is really nice. This party is “deacachimba”

Me hizo una letra: (expression) When another person does something that is not considered nice. “Me hizo una letra” in that deal.

We hope these phrases will help you understand Nicaraguans a little bit better. What other expressions have you learned about this beautiful country?



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