Top 6 Volcanoes You Must Know In Nicaragua

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Hiking and climbing enthusiasts searching for a new adventure should definitely consider a visit to Nicaragua, home to 19 volcanoes, of which 9 are active.  

Apart from being fun to climb, the volcanoes in Nicaragua serve as an incredible backdrop for an abundance of natural beauty including beaches, forests, and lakes.  Here we rank our top Nicaraguan volcanoes.

  1. Maderas

Located on the island of Ometepe, this is one of two conical peaks responsible for the unique view from Lake Ometepe.  Home to a huge variety of birds and mammals, this is one sight you definitely don’t want to miss.

  1.  Concepción

Along with Maderas, Concepcion Volcano (still active)  is found on Ometepe Island, and is one of the most challenging to climb — but the views from the top of either of these volcanoes is well worth it!

  1.  Masaya

Known for the bubbling magma you can easily view by peering into Masaya’s crater, this is one of the most popular volcanic destinations in Nicaragua.  The hike isn’t too hard, and the unique experience is certainly memorable.

  1.  Télica

Comfortably located less than an hour away from the city of León, Volcán Télica consists of an impressive 1,000-foot crater and visibly flowing molten lava.

  1.  San Cristóbal

The hike up San Cristóbal oscillates between moderate and strenuous,  but just think of how accomplished you’ll feel once you reach the top of this 5,800-foot monster!

  1.  Momotombo

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Famed for the 1625 eruption that covered the city of León in volcanic ash, the perfectly symmetrical Momotombo lies on Lake Managua.  Impressive views await at the top.  

Which Nicaraguan volcano are you most excited to climb?

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