Nicaraguan fruits you would better taste

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When you visit Nicaragua, it’s easy to appreciate the cultural value of this Central American country. The food, the ecological landscapes, the social behavior, and the indigenous population are all aspects that set it apart. The language is also a very rich and important feature of this country and can be distinguished from the rest of the Spanish-speaking world, mostly for its tendency to replace S sounds for an H sound while speaking.

If you find yourself in Managua or in any of the 15 departments in which this country divides, you will find some unique fruits. Knowing the meaning of this popular terms will make the your stance in the region way more enjoyable.

 Fruta de pan: Good to make ice cream or eat it as a standalone fruit. It can be fried like a plantain or eaten with soup like yucca.

Jícaro: Commonly used to make a seed beverage. Cereal can be made from the seed and utensils from the shell.

Mamón Chino: A fruit with a red, spiky exterior that is peeled to extract the seed inside, which is surrounded by edible flesh.

Nance (nancite): A small, strongly flavored yellow fruit that is used to make ice cream, beverages, and desserts.

Carambola: There are two types of this fruit: one that is smaller and sour, which is used to make cold beverages, and a bigger version that is eaten in salads.

Caimito: A small purple fruit with a white and purple interior.

Anona: Green fruit with a white flesh that is commonly used to make beverages and desserts.

Manzana de agua: Very refreshing red fruit that is commonly eaten it in its natural state or in a beverage.

Pitahaya: Dragonfruit. A redish fruit with black seeds on the inside, which is commonly used to make beverages with lime.

Jocotes: A small seasonal fruit that is used to make “cuscnaca,” a milkshake-type drink made with this cooked fruit, cream, sugar, and salt.

Granadilla: A round yellow fruit that contains black seeds and a jelly-like pulp on the inside. Used to make beverages and to eat as a standalone fruit.

With this glossary you are ready to ask for a variety of daily fruits and flavors found in Nicaragua. Use this list for refreshing fruits that can be enjoyed in any temperature and environment.

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit beautiful Nicaragua and be captivated by its culture and people.




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