Nicaragüense architecture

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Nicaragua has a vast colonial legacy, making it a must see place to go to if you are an architecture lover. All of the building tells a little bit of history that we must listen to and let us be wondered about the thing it has to say. If you love history and want to know more here is a list made just for you for your next visit.



Leon a city that is considered as the intellectual city of the country.


  • Catedral de la Asunción de León: Built in the XIX century is the biggest cathedral of all Central America. With a combination of Neoclassic and Baroque styles the cathedral stands as one of the most beautiful.
  • Municipal Palace: Following the Neoclassic influence, this building stands still even today after been built in the XX century.


Granada a touristic city full with Colonial architecture thanks to all the country efforts to maintain it.


  • Catedral de Granada: Finished in 1972, this Cathedral is located in the center of the Plaza de la Independecia, in the heart of the city.
  • Palacio Epsicopal: This building has a North American style built in the XX century.

Río San Juan

In this apartment near the river San Juan a building stands since colonial times.


  • Inmaculada Concepción Castle: Stone building created in the times of Phillip II of Spain to repel the pirates that might loot the city of Granada.

Nicaragua has a very rich history, filled with stories that are there for everyone to listen. We hope that with this list it would be easy for you to find this architectonic treasures in this wonderful country.


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