102 reviews
2 hours
English / Spanish
Medium difficulty
Not recommended for children under 4 y/o


The Canopy in Hacienda Guachipelín is a top-notch adventure taking place at the bottom of the Rincon de la Vieja Volcano and in the canyon of the Blanco River. A massive white stone break filled with forest, birds, and wildlife.

You will intensely enjoy seven zip line cables, two Tarzan swings, a controlled 20-meter (65-foot) rappel, one hanging bridge, and a natural rock-climbing wall as well as via Ferrata traverses and climbs.

Plus, you may get to see howler and white-faced monkeys and several different species of birds in this rare ecosystem.

You will get geared up with a safety harness, gloves and helmet. Safety is a top priority for any adventure guide in Costa Rica, so the first part of the tour will be a short security briefing together with a talk about the gear that you have on so that you can participate in the activity. You must wear clothes that can get wet as well as closed shoes.

You must understand all the given instructions. Please ask if you don’t understand something (Remember English is a second language for the tour guides and sometimes pronunciation can be broken).

In the Canopy in Hacienda Guachipelín your harness is firmly attached to a steel wire as you “zip” from one tall tree to the next tall tree welcoming the thrill of traveling hundreds of feet over the rainforest floor. Later, with the same gear, you will thrill on a guided rappel, and climbing up a vertical wall of the canyon.

You will have two guides with you -at least- one at the front of the row, and the other one at the end of the row to increase safety for all passengers.

These parts of the tour range from reasonably challenging to adrenaline pumping. One of the highlights of the tour is the Tarzan Swing and one of the most exciting.

As you sit at the edge of the platform and securely harnessed to the steel cable, you will take a free fall jump to swing like Tarzan on a vine until you reach the next platform.

And to take a walk that will almost feel leisurely, you will walk in the hanging bridges to catch your breath and see the surrounding fantastic nature. They may swagger a bit, but they are extremely safe.

And they will give you a fantastic chance to enjoy the tropical forest from a different angle, while you take in the surrounding vegetation and wildlife sightings.

The natural rock-climbing wall comes next to exercise your mental and physical strength, however people of all ages and skill levels have climbed it. Remember you will be with a crew of professional tour guides who will always support you.

After that last part you will come back to the hotel with a smile on your face and a great story to talk about when you come back home.


  • Enjoy the adrenaline of the canopy
  • Observe all the wildlife of the place
  • Enjoy all the extras, the rappel, the Tarzan swing and the hanging bridges
  • Thrill climbing a vertical wall.

What to bring

  • Light clothing.
  • Sunscreen Lotion.
  • Hiking shoes.
  • Camera.