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We’re Sustainable!

What does it mean to be sustainable?

Sustainability is Asuaire is one of our most important pillars for our business strategy and operations day after day. As part of our work philosophy, the concept of sustainability has always been hand in hand with our company; we’re completely aware of our planet conservation and we act accordingly, seizing our natural resources to the most, in an intelligent and effective way, minimising waste and decreasing our carbon footprint on the planet.

Why do we do it?

We’re a 100% committed to sustainable development as a factor present in all of our activities and operations. That’s why we’re proud to be a green company. But this is just a small part of the deal, there’s a much bigger responsibility that transcends far beyond the accomplishment of the ecological regulations; there’s also the implementation of cleaner and more eco-friendly production and Human Resources policies.

The whole objective is to achieve a balance between the social, economical and ecological spheres to assure the continuity of the company and the reservation of all our destinations in a long term.


Satisfy your clients with quality trips and tours, with a high service component, flexibility and personalized support, safeguarding the environment and natural resources.


Consolidate as one of the best tourism companies in each of the destinations we promote, being recognized for our high value of respect to our customers, organization and environment.


  •     Respect: Achieve a quality work under an ethical and moral sense where the result benefits in a transparent way the interested parties.
  • Customer service: We focus our efforts on customer satisfaction, providing competitive and quality solutions.
  • Teamwork: We encourage the participation of all to achieve a common goal by sharing information and knowledge.
  • Staff Development: We ensure development opportunities based on merit and professional input.
  • Ethical conduct: We act with professionalism, integrity, morality, loyalty and respect for people and the environment.
  • Orientation to results: We direct our actions towards the achievement of the objectives of the business project trying to exceed expectations
  • Innovation: We promote continuous improvement and innovation to achieve the highest quality with profitability criteria.
  • Community and environment: We are socially and culturally committed to the community. We adapt our business strategies to the preservation of the environment.



  1. We will handle properly the waste generated in our office and in part of our operation, applying the principles of Law 8839 and working on the constant transmission of information to the actors involved.
  2. We will operate by saving resources, mainly water and electricity, under the guidelines established in our Asuaire Travel Water and Energy Saving Program.
  3. We will communicate general aspects about the current Environmental Legislation to our collaborators, to inform and ensure compliance based on the Asuaire Travel Training Plan.
  4. In case of any environmental irregularity, our collaborators must put into practice the complaint procedure.
  5. We will give priority to recyclable, biodegradable and / or reusable products and we will not use products that damage the ozone layer.
  6. Asuaire Travel does not capture, keep in captivity, manipulate, market, consume, reproduce, exhibit, sell or trade wild species, species of flora and fauna with legal protection, in danger of extinction or threatened and promotes in customers to avoid the purchase of handicrafts made with these species.
  7. We will support organizations and programs dedicated to the protection and conservation of the environment that comply with all legal requirements.
  8. We will comply with the guidelines stipulated in the respective regulations of the conservation areas, providing also updated information to our collaborators and clients.


  1. We will communicate general aspects about the Social and Cultural Legislation relevant to our collaborators, to inform and ensure compliance based on the Asuaire Travel Education Plan.
  2. We will not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, sexual orientation or disability, offering equal opportunities for work, development and training, respecting the labor rights of all current and future employees.
  3. Asuaire Travel does not allow child labor in any activity.
  4. We will protect the physical and emotional well-being of the workers.
  5. We respect the customs, cultural and social manifestations of the communities, developing the codes of conduct and respect that govern the activities.
  6. We will enforce our Code of Conduct, endorsed by PANIAMOR, for the fight against the commercial sexual exploitation of children and adolescents.
  7. We will recommend our customers to consume local products in each area they visit.
  8. We will develop actions for the improvement of the quality of life in the communities where it is mostly operated.
  9. We will support initiatives of organizations with environmental, educational, cultural or philanthropic purposes that promote the social and cultural development of the community.
  10. Artistic elements and local cultural heritage will be incorporated into the operations, design and decoration.
  11. We will provide the necessary information to our clients in order to improve the travel experience.
  12. We will not discriminate against any of our clients by sex, race, sexual orientation or disability.
  13. In case of any social irregularity or that violates the culture, our collaborators must put into practice the complaint procedure.


  1. We will communicate to clients, collaborators and third parties aspects of the sustainable management system, sustainable philosophy, about the programs to which we are attached and about good sustainable habits.
  2. We will carry out periodic maintenance reviews to ensure the proper functioning of the facilities.
  3. We will keep the staff trained at a technical, operational and sustainability level based on what is stipulated in the Asuaire Travel Training Program.
  4. We will maintain formal labor relations with the workers, complying with the legally established minimum salary payment and maintaining the corresponding records on specific salary and social security payments.
  5. We will contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of the employees of the company.
  6. We will have an Emergency Plan with all the necessary information to manage the risk in the facilities and operation of the tours.
  7. We will take into account the opinions and recommendations of customers about the trip and services enjoyed.
  8. Asuaire Travel will prefer to maintain commercial ties with companies that are committed to the environment, the conservation of nature and culture through the CST or demonstrable sustainable practices.
  9. We will promote local development by encouraging support to producers and the hiring of personnel and suppliers from the community or nearby.
  10. We will maintain communication with the main suppliers to carry out a process of education for sustainability using the Education Program as a reference.


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Nuestros programas de sostenibilidad

Programa de desechos

Manejamos un programa de separación de residuos: papel y cartón, plástico, orgánicos y baterías, donde se fomenta a los colaboradores de la empresa a desechar adecuadamente la basura para un aprovechamiento más efectivo a la hora de reciclarla.


Hemos tomado varias medidas para fomenter el uso consciente y el ahorro de la electricidad:

  • Cambiamos todo el equipo de cómputo
  • Cambio de todas las luminarias de la oficina por LED
  • Remodelamos las oficinas para aprovechar aún más el uso de luz natural
  • Educación a los compañeros para el uso eficiente de la energía
  • Rotulación para crear conciencia del uso adecuado de la energía y el ahorro


Con respecto al uso eficiente del agua hemos tomado las siguientes medidas:

  • Cambio de todos los inodoros de la oficina por unos de menor consumo de agua por descarga
  • Cambio de todas las llaves de lavamanos con sistema de aire para usar menos agua en cada uno
  • Programas internos de educación a los compañeros para el uso eficiente del agua en la empresa
  • Rotulación para crear conciencia del uso adecuado del agua y el ahorro

Adaptación de excursiones para personas con discapacidad

Tenemos excursiones específicas para la división de Excursiones para los Cruceros (Shore Excursions) para que podamos manejar sin problemas personas con discapacidad. Ejemplo: Vagones del tren adaptados, senderos 100% adaptados para sillas de ruedas.

Se hace una charla anual enfocada al manejo de personas con discapacidad.

Siembra de árboles

Junto con el InBio realizamos jornadas voluntarias de siembra de árboles nativos en distintos lugares del país. Actualmente hemos realizado dos jornadas en el parque metropolitano La Sabana, con el propósito de ayudar tanto al paisaje urbano como a la salud del parque.

Proyecto Deportes

Anualmente donamos materiales para los departamentos de Educación Física de escuelas de bajos recursos y niños en riesgo social.

Jornadas de limpieza

Anualmente cada inicio de temporada hacemos una limpieza con todos los compañeros en Puntarenas en la vía del tren para tener la vía limpia para los turistas.

Contratación de guías locales y proveedores

Priorizamos la contratación de servicios locales en cada provincia o comunidad para fortalecer las fuentes de empleo y generar oportunidades en todos los puntos del país en los que trabajamos.