Car Insurance

  • Mandatory Coverage
    This is mandatory insurance and is included in the rental agreement. In the third-party protection insurance, damage to the property of others, or physical injuries, is covered, but does not cover damage to the rented vehicle or the deductibles specified in the contract.Standard Coverage
    Applies in case of collision, damage, rollover and theft of the rental vehicle (no partial theft). The driver and additional drivers are fully responsible for any damage to the rental vehicle, even in the event that the loss or damage is caused by a third party or the cause is unknown, whether in case of theft, collision, vandalism or any other cause. The maximum amount of financial responsibility of the client will be the deductible according to the category of the car.
    By acquiring this coverage, third party damage coverage is obtained. In case of damage to the vehicle of a third party, a minimum deductible indicated in the contract will be applied according to the type of car. Your franchise can vary between $ 500.00 to $ 2000.00

    Maximum Coverage
    This option is the most complete offered in the country and the one we prefer to recommend. It has coverage for damages to third parties, as well as: collision, damage, rollover, theft, roadside assistance, hoops, windshields, windows and crane.
    It is the only insurance that does not have a franchise and only a $ 100 security deposit is requested on a credit card.