Essentials for your trip to Guatemala

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If you’re thinking about travelling to Guatemala on holiday, you have to visit the beaches of Guatemala, in addition to all the other tourist destinations that this country has for you. In this post we’ll mention some essential tips that you should bear in mind to enjoy Guatelama and its tourism.


Enjoying the tourist Guatemala

If we’re talking about Central American countries, those that make up this region of the continent offer multiple landscapes, biodiversity, architecture, beaches and unique ecosystems. In the case of Guatemala, it stands out from the nations which surround it. But in order to enjoy this country you need to know about some issues before travelling.

1. Find out about the safety of each site you want to visit

Whenever you go somewhere new, you need to investigate its social context. In Guatemala City, which is a must-see destination for those who like exquisite colonial architecture, you should exercise caution with the numerous tourist thefts. But don’t let this discourage you: being careful is enough not to have a bad experience.

2. Study places to stay and book in advance

In Guatemala City, you’ll find several areas of different types where you can stay. For example, Zone 4, which is a hipster and bohemian neighbourhood where you’ll find hotels surrounded by bars and restaurants. We recommend that you book in advance your trip since this area and others are usually very busy. 

In Zone 1, the historic centre, you can stay at the Posada Belén Museo Inn, a family hotel which looks like a museum. It has 11 colonial-style rooms with all the necessary technology, such as WiFi. Try to book in advance, as it usually has a high occupancy rate.

On the other hand, in Antigua Guatemala, you’ll find typical places to stay in the area, places with a colonial touch. Hostels and houses where you can stay for different prices. For example, Posada San Vicente is a typical house with cloister. You can stay there from USD 45.

3. Bear in mind that there are three types of transport

If you’re going to move around in the traditional way, like the country’s inhabitants, then you should take one of these three types of transport.

– The first is the chicken bus, which local people take for short distances. It’s not very safe and is generally too full as there is no limit on capacity. Try to take it as little as possible, or avoid it if you can.

– The second is shared vans, which is the most used by tourists. They cover the most visited routes, with capacity for 15 people. You can hire one at your same hotel: its price is fixed and they will pick you up at the door.

– The third is buses. There are day and night buses. It’s the most comfortable option, since their seats are like beds and they take specific routes. Among the most well-known companies that offer this service are Hedman Alas and Maya de Oro.

4. The travel times between areas of interest are usually relative

If you use Google Maps, it’s likely that this application will give you an estimated time of arrival at your destination. Don’t get carried away by this estimate: the time of arrival in Guatemala depends largely on the state of the roads, weather, traffic, and so on.

5. It’s possible to connect to the Internet with local companies

In Guatemala there are companies which offer SIM cards for all kinds of mobile phones. Thanks to these you can talk and connect to the Internet by buying a data plan or package.

– The first company is Movistar. They offer a SIM card for 41 quetzals (5 dollars) and data of 1.5 GB per 100 quetzals (13 dollars). 

– The second company is Tigo which offers the SIM card for a similar price, although its signal is not as good. 

– The third company is Claro. It offers you the SIM for 90 quetzals (11 dollars) and 1.5 GB of data for 130 quetzals (16 dollars). You can top-up this card in every town and city of Guatemala.

6. Guatemala: a multitude of activities in the Central America of cheap tourism

Now that you’re looking to visit the Central America of cultural tourism, the Central America of volcanoes, of paradisiacal beaches and water sports, of visits to protected areas with incomparable fauna and flora, or even culinary Guatemala, let us tell you that this country is a symbol of tourist Central America. Trips there are cheap and you can do countless activities. You can stay in hotels from USD 8, and eat out from USD 4.

A unique and unrepeatable trip with our tips

If you go to Central America, whether you are travelling there soon or not, keep these considerations in mind so you don’t forget anything in your planning. Remember that you can better make the most of a holiday if you know about the destination in advance. Be sure to visit the beaches of Guatemala, and its humid forests. And think about the possibility of travelling to Panama, another magical place in the Central American isthmus.


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