Perfect destination for traveling with children

If you’re looking for the greatest family vacation trips and packages for all ages, Asuaire is the way to go: Costa Rica is the ideal destination to enjoy the best and most entertaining family trip ever, where children, teenagers and adults can have the time of their lives, with thousands of possibilities to experience this amazing green place on Earth in their own way.

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Why travel to Costa Rica with family?

Costa Rica is a destination filled with biodiversity and culture, where children can learn on site more about our environment, fauna and flora, while having lots of fun with the very diverse echo-friendly activities that each destination has to offer: Dream-like beaches, jungle, rivers, mountains, waterfalls, volcanoes and all different kinds of plants and animals. Costa Rica is covered by lots and lots of national parks and protected areas, so  you and your children can observe the magic of the landscapes and the marvels of the amazing fauna in its natural state.


Also, if you happen to be a family of adventure seekers, don’t think twice about visiting Costa Rica! Due to the terrain relief and the wide diversity of places, there’s plenty of activities to experience with your family in very short distances. You can find activities such as: canopy, zip-lining,  rafting and even surf lessons for all ages!


On the other hand, if you and your children love the beach, we offer you a huge variety of family travel packages to Costa Rica in different lodging options, according to your needs; from boutique hotels to All Included hotels and packages, so that you can even feel more relaxed and listen to the sea with you children in a safe environment.


Plus, while the children have fun, the adults can enjoy of customised experiences adapted to their own likes. From a day spa, rejuvenating thermal waters, local gastronomical experiences to romantic getaways in paradise.


In Asuaire travel agency, we have more than 20 years of local experience managing family vacations in Costa Rica, therefore, you have nothing to be worried about. We will take care and advise you each step of the way, depending on your budget and your preferences, so that you and your family can focus on enjoying the most amazing  and unforgettable trip of your lives!

What are you waiting for? The perfect destination for your family vacations is Costa Rica, just leave everything else in our hands and we’ll help you plan everything

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