The Best Romantic Getaways

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Whether you’re planning your honeymoon, or just want to escape with your partner on a romantic getaway, we’ll give you a list of the best hotels you can find in Panama, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua.

In another section of our blog, we talk about the different tours that you can do in these countries. If you haven’t read it yet, see it here.

Now to find the best hotel for the perfect honeymoon & gateaway


1. Akwadup Lodge:

This beautiful and exotic hotel is located in the San Blas islands. It features spacious bungalows over the sea where you can appreciate the incredible view of crystal clear waters. It is a truly private place, and has other small islands surrounding it that you can explore.



2. Mandarinos Boutique Hotel & Spa

If you want to relax in the middle of the mountains, this romantic destination is for you and your partner. Located in the Anton Valley, Los Mandarinos Boutique Hotel & Spa has a set of Tuscan style villas available for you to make the most of your trip. Furthermore, it lies at the foot of the exhuberant Gaital National Park, home of numerous wildlife species.



3. Hotel Manalá

Are you and your partner fans of the beach? Then you definitely have to visit Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. This area has one of the best beaches in the country, perfect for surfing and enjoying its incredible tropical vegetation.


If you are coming on your honeymoon, in the Hotel Manalá you can rent the fully equipped private bungalows to enjoy your trip.

4. Lapa Rios Ecolodge

Lapa Rios is one of 24 National Geographic EcoLodges of the world. With that being said, you can get an idea of the kind of hotel it is. Its policy helps you connect with the wildlife of the area, while enjoying its beach on the Osa Peninsula as well.


You can stay in their open air bungalows to appreciate nature and its sounds.


5. Yemaya Island Hideaway

A little paradise hidden in Nicaragua, Little Corn Island is home to one of the most romantic hotels for a honeymoon. You can stay in your private bungalow overlooking the crystal clear waters and participate in many activities, from a ride in the hotel sailboat to kayak tours.


Definitely, any hotel you choose will make your Romantic Getaway an unforgettable experience. Which one would you like to visit?



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