Three Reasons to Travel to Costa Rica in Rainy Season

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Most tourists only visit Costa Rica in the dry season, and do not know what they are missing during the rainy season, which runs from May to November.

Here we give you three reasons why you should get to know the other side of the coin:

1) Wildlife Loves Rain

Water and moisture cause the flora and fauna to reach their full splendor. Furthermore, the temperature tends to be much cooler in these months, mainly in the Osa Peninsula, where you can find the beautiful Corcovado National Park. Turtles come to lay their eggs on the beach, humpback whales swim close to the shore with their young, and some exotic and unusual species such as the red-eyed frog and cat-eyed snake also appear at this time.

 2) A little bit of rain can create a real show

Despite the constant rain at this time, the sun is always present. During most of rainy season, the sun rises in the morning, allowing you to enjoy a beach day, before hiding to give way to afternoon showers.

The rain is generally intermittent, and there are even days when it does not rain at all.

Never underestimate the incredible experience of being in the rainforest during a downpour. It is magic! If you enjoy adventure activities such as ziplining in the treetops, rain will make it much more fun and refreshing.

 3) Take advantage of secret

Since most people do not know all that the green season has to offer, the number of tourists is greatly reduced at this time. The best part of this time of year is that you can enjoy the tours, hotels, and activities without all crowds, and often at cheaper prices.

Now you know: Any season is a good season to travel to Costa Rica!

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