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Future is an organization of professionals dedicated to promote Costa Rica as a tourist destination in Europe. Futuropa members know the needs and demands of European travelers who wish to visit Costa Rica.

They provide information in multiple languages ​​while maintaining a high level of quality in all services. The Futuropa Group actively supports the implementation of sustainable tourism practices among their members.


To become leaders in the European market, bringing Costa Rican tourism enterprises to these markets, with the aim to:

– Develop optimally European tourist markets to promote Costa Rica and Central America as a premium tourism destination.

– Promoting Costa Rica as a destination that meets the expectations of European travelers and the European tourism industry, while supporting sustainable development.

This partnership is very important for the industry, Asuaire has been a member for 3 years now. With its dedication to improve tourism to Costa Rica from Europe, Futuropa is doing an excellent job not only with successful promotional tours, but also with education seminars to learn and better understand the different European markets. They also have trading days providing an opportunity for new providers to present the products to the European market.



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