What to see in Panama?

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If you’re thinking about travelling to Panama, you must be asking yourself many questions, especially regarding the essential places you can’t miss.

This is the guide you’ve been looking for. A summary where we’ll try to give you all the details to keep in mind before setting off on the best trip of your life.


When’s the best time to travel to Panama?

When’s the best time to travel to Panama?

Panama is a country you can travel to throughout the year. However, if we take the weather into account, the best time to travel to Panama is in the dry season, in the months of January to April. March is a month of lower visitor numbers, and therefore, perfect to enjoy a cheaper and more relaxed trip.

It’s true that Panama enjoys a tropical climate which has warm temperatures throughout the year. However, it also has a wet season (from May to December) when it rains more frequently and there’s a greater sensation of humidity.

General recommendations for travelling to Panama

In order for your trip to go smoothly and without any nasty surprises, follow these recommendations for travelling to Panama:

recommendations for travelling to Panama

Take advantage of the range of organised tours to discover the different places in Panama. It’s the best way to make the most of your time and get to know places like San Lorenzo, the islands of San Blas, Emberá, etc.

organised tours

Find out about the necessary vaccines when travelling to Panama. The vaccine against yellow fever is generally recommended, especially if you’re travelling in the rainy season to the regions of Kuna Yala, Emberá, Darién and parts of Colón.

– If you prefer to take a trip with more freedom and adventure, rent a car. Although in the capital you’ll notice the typical congestion of big cities, in the rest of the country you’ll be able to drive around with complete peace of mind. The roads are in perfect condition and you can find very attractive rental offers.

Find out about the necessary vaccines

Make the most of Panama’s public transport network to move around the country. It’s very affordable and will allow you to move very quickly from one place to another. In Panama City, you can also use Uber. A safer and cheaper means of transport than conventional taxis.

There are some nationalities which require a visa to enter Panama. Get information at the embassy or consulate of Panama in your country before you start looking for a plane ticket. Sometimes visa processing takes much longer than you think.

– Try to always carry some cash and change. In Panama, the official currency is the Balboa, but the American dollar also circulates, matched in value.

Essential places to get to know Panama

Panama is a country where there are many places to visit and enjoy the best of its nature and culture. However, here are some we consider essential to capture the essence of this nation:

The Panama Canal

The Panama Canal

An extraordinary engineering work worth visiting for its importance in history, not only that of the country, but of the entire world. An excursion where you will not cease to be amazed by such complex and effective mechanisms as the locks. An achievement which has made the Panama Canal one of the seven wonders of the modern world.

Panamá la Vieja o Panamá Viejo

Panamá la Vieja o Panamá Viejo

The first Spanish settlement of the 16th century, east of Panama City. A place of incredible architectural value where today we can still admire old buildings such as the San Juan de Dios Hospital and San Francisco.

The place where many expeditions departed from, including the one that achieved the conquest of the Inca Empire in 1532.

The Old Town

The Old Town

Considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, it’s the perfect place to discover the still latent history of a country forged by encounters between diverse cultures. An incomparable walk between colonial, neoclassical and Afro-Antillean buildings.

You can visit the Plaza Mayor, the Church of San Jose, the Convent of the Jesuits and the Presidency of the Republic. In addition to tasting the exquisite dishes of the cuisine of Panama in the area’s restaurants.

Bocas del Toro

Bocas del Toro

An archipelago west of Panama, close to the border area with Costa Rica. It has 9 islands, more than 50 keys and countless islets. A true paradise of nature and beaches on the shores of the Caribbean Sea. The perfect destination for a dream vacation.

You can snorkel, go hiking, go on excursions to caves and interact with animals such as tropical birds, sloths or monkeys.

Emberá-Wounaan region

Emberá-Wounaan region

An unforgettable excursion to the indigenous foundations of the Panamanian nation by canoe or dugout canoe. To do this, you have to go deep into the jungle and navigate rivers which will take you to Unión Choco, the land where the Emberá and Wounaan tribes live together.

You won’t regret taking a trip like this

We hope this guide for travelling to Panama will be useful for you to organise your trip in a safer and more relaxed way. You’ll only have to enjoy your dream.



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