Why choose a travel agency to visit Costa Rica?

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A travel agency for travel to Costa Rica or any other destination in Central America can be very useful when making preparations for your stay there. At Asuaire Travel, we have more than 20 years of experience organising unforgettable visits to these destinations. This allows us to tell you what to see in Costa Rica so you don’t miss anything, talk about the <strong> best time to travel to Costa Rica or tell you about the typical dishes of Costa Rica and the variety of its traditional cuisine

Why choose a travel agency to visit Costa Rica?

Why choose a travel agency to visit Costa Rica?

Tourism continues to grow. The tourism on offer grows exponentially because there are more and more people who require different holiday plans. One type of tourism which has emerged recently and already has many followers is what is known as ecotourism. Ecotourists enjoy active travel, contributing to respecting, knowing about and caring for the natural surroundings and the environment.

Costa Rica is an important tourist focus for this type of people because it has vast forests and heavenly beaches which are really well conserved. In this way, no harm is done to a nature which has apparently not been damaged by humans. Many people who are looking for this type of tourism with tropical forests, nature reserves, protected parks, land which is looked after, or large national parks go to travel agencies specialised in offering adapted plans.
offering adapted plansIn fact, one of the main reasons why you should choose a travel agency is because of the adaptability of their options for travellers. If you need to know what to see in Costa Rica, customised to your preferences, the person who deals with you in a professional travel agency can adapt all your requests to your travel plan. As explained in previous paragraphs, it’s something which helps ecotourists know which forests to go to or which natural reserves to enter, but which also helps other types of travellers.

¿Es un buen destino para el turismo gastronómico?

 turismo gastronómico

Is it a good destination for food tourism?

There are more and more fans of what is known as food tourism too. Costa Rica is a land that in times prior to colonization by the Spanish was inhabited by indigenous people from different backgrounds. These people had their customs and consequently their characteristic diets too. Many features of these pre-colonial diets have remained in the typical dishes of Costa Rica over the years.

Nowadays, kidney beans or red beans are still a staple food of the main Costa Rican meals. So are corn tortillas, with which many foods are wrapped. Or fried bananas or cassava. All these delicacies are combined with other foods to make dishes common in the country which are not as well known internationally. Travel agents who are used to informing people about this area can recommend some restaurants where you can enjoy typical food with beautiful landscapes.

What is the best time of the year to visit Costa Rica?

best time of the year to visit Costa Rica

Finally, one of the best tips you can get in a travel agency is when to travel to each destination. Obviously, we’re aware that your holidays abroad have to fit with a limited holiday period from your work in order to be able to enjoy your stay there. However, you may have a certain flexibility to adapt the timing of your holiday to match the best time to visit Costa Rica

the best time to visit Costa Rica.

The main advice we can give you about Costa Rica is that it’s a country you can visit all year round, due to its climate. There are plans which can be made during all the seasons and Costa Rica is also characterised by having a mild temperature throughout the twelve months of the year. As if being able to enjoy the beach were not enough, you can also enjoy the forests, flora and fauna. Dolphins are easily visible at all times and bathing on certain beaches is prohibited regardless of when you go.

its climate

However, if you go to Costa Rica for specific activities, it’s important to go when you can enjoy them. For example, the turtles that lay their eggs on the Costa Rican coast don’t do so throughout the year, but at a very specific time. In the same way, if you want to see migratory birds, you have to go when they’re travelling. If you feel like watching whales, you also have to choose the months of July and August to enjoy this as much as possible.

In short, the help of a travel agency in Costa Rica can help you not only once you’re there, but from the moment you start planning your experience. Visit us soon!


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