Recommendations for travelling to Central America

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Central America is very diverse in countries and in tourism options. If you want to travel to Central America, you’ll find some important tips below. Whether you are thinking of travelling to Panama, travelling to Guatemala or doing cheap tourism of any kind in Central America, these tips for tourists abroad will come in handy.


A Central America with the most diverse countries in the world: which one to choose?

Central America

Choosing Central America for cultural tourism is a very good option. This will allow you to delve into the indigenous cultures of the different populations who hold on to ancestral customs from before colonisation. However, the truth is that Central American tourism for cultural purposes is not the most popular option for people visiting different countries in Central America.

In a far cry from that reality, Central America is abundant in both trips and offers. In addition to having different fundamental historical sites to meet different and surprising cultures, it’s also an ideal destination for relaxing holidays. It has countless beaches with white sand, or black sand of volcanic origin. It also has a wide range of water sports. Finally, it is an ideal destination for explorers, adventurers or to discover the Central America of the volcanoes.

centro america

Therefore, it’s clear that one of the most important things when packing and getting on the plane is deciding what you are going to do once you touch down. For this, different things must be taken into account, such as the season of the year when you’re going to travel, the weather forecast for the days of your trip, the your ability to cope with humidity or dry environments, and all the activities that you’ll want to do, sorted more or less in order of priority.

Don’t pack too much in your suitcase

Don't pack too much in your suitcase

As a general rule, clothes can dry perfectly well if you wash them at night by hand and you need them the next morning. Therefore, one of the best recommendations is not to overpack. It’s not about taking five swimsuits because you’re going to want to visit lots of beaches, but about taking only what’s necessary to visit them. That’s why it’s better if you take only two and wash them at the hotel, even if it’s with hand soap. When you return home you can wash them properly with the washing machine.

If you want to go to lots of beaches, remember to bring a large towel, which doesn’t weigh very much and occupies a small amount of space. So you can sunbathe comfortably. In addition, since you haven’t brought too much beachwear, take the opportunity to include your snorkelling equipment in your suitcase. A tube, goggles and flippers will allow you to discover the flora and fauna on those deserted beaches where you can’t rent equipment in diving schools.

bring a large towel,

Another thing you mustn’t forget, regardless of whether you are going to do beach tourism or not, is sun protection. No matter how much you cover yourself up, you’ll be in the sun. However, since you are going to need a lot of sun cream, it may not be worth bringing it from home with all the hassle of taking liquids through the airport. You’ll be better off buying it when you arrive. Anyway you’ll use a lot of sun cream there, so in case you have too much, it won’t go to waste.

Find out before you leave

Find out before you leave

It’s important to do some research before going to each place. Not only about the weather, but also documentation. For example, if you want to make cultural visits go prepared: keep in mind the timetables of museums and other emblematic places.

You may have some supporting documents which allow you to purchase reduced price tickets or free passes. In addition, some of the places you want to visit may open one day of the week free of charge. Take advantage and organise your days to fit in those moments and thus you’ll be able to have a much cheaper trip!

informate antes de partir

On the other hand, there are more dangerous areas or areas where native people can even take advantage of the tourist. Like everywhere else! Although nothing will happen to you and it’s not usual in Central American countries, knowing these places, how to act and how to respond to these situations can save you from getting into trouble. Ask people who have visited the area or read comments from experienced travellers. And above all, take more care in the capitals.

The best tips for exploring this authentic paradise

authentic paradise

Discovering Central America with different countries to visit on your itinerary is a dream trip. Don’t forget that an agency specialising in the organisation of routes in the area which interests you is the key to successful tourism. Prepare well and pack your bag correctly; and if you need any more recommendations, ask before taking off. You won’t regret it!


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