Travelling to Central America? Discover the very best of each of the countries you’re going to visit

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Central America: a paradise for adventure, with whole host of attractions. How can you enjoy it to the full? Here you have a quick, practical guide. Introducing four emblematic countries in this wonderful region, and one unmissable destination: Tortuguero, in Costa Rica. Magical places you’ll never stop talking about. So, what are you waiting for?


Central America: a magical destination

Before talking about Costa Rica we have to pay a visit to some of the other equally fabulous destinations that shouldn’t be missed in Central America. Magical places, full of history, tradition, and gastronomy in an exuberant natural setting that’s truly unique.

Panama’s beaches

A tourist destination recognised worldwide for the variety of urban and natural landscapes that it offers. Panama is not only a place to shop and then move on. As well as the Panama Canal, the capital’s old town and the incredible volcanic villages, you have the magic of its tropical beaches. Bocas del Toro is undoubtedly the refuge of the Caribbean spirit: a lively atmosphere, cultural diversity and mythological tradition, all together in an island chain you’ll never want to leave. San Blas and its islands, cared for by the communities of the Kunas Indians, are another paradisiacal alternative to the Panamanian beaches; 378 atolls invite you to lose yourself in a world of waves and majestic sunsets.

Guatemala and the pre-Columbian legacy

The epicentre of Mayan culture, this country takes us back to the roots of pre-Columbian communities. Archaeological tourism, an open-air museum of modernity and colonial tradition, all available to everyone. What’s on offer is as magnificent as it is varied: The Altiplano: volcanoes, stunning natural beauty and the chance to get to know the main indigenous communities, all in one place. Petén: an adventure among Mayan biosphere reserves, natural parks and protected biotopes. Izabal: wide bays that welcome you with folk dancing, where you can also dive, fish or water-ski. Verapaces: ancient woodland and tropical rainforests, home to the exotic quetzals and a surreal vegetation.

Nicaragua, land of volcanoes

A land of spectacular orography, with a culture as rich as it is varied. A variety of attractions to satisfy the most demanding of travellers. If you’re looking for adventure, challenges and an adrenaline rush, then try sandboarding in the Cerro Negro Volcano or visiting the active Masaya Volcano at night. The shores of the Isla de Ometepe, Corn Island or Puerto Salvador Allende will captivate you with their magical sunrises, and the wide range of local delicacies on offer will satisfy the most demanding gourmet palate, as well as couples looking for that perfect romantic dinner.

Tortuguero in Costa Rica, a secret destination in a unique country

You’ll find the perfect combination of ecology, adventure, pleasure and nature in Tortuguero. A destination that can only be reached by air or by sea. Get away from it all in the wonderful forests of the national park, enjoy zip-lining, kayaking or trekking, and watch the sea turtles as they lay their eggs at night. You won’t want to leave this amazing island. With its wide range of coastal hotels, guided tours and opportunities for the sport fishing it’s famous for, the Costa Rican Amazon Basin awaits throughout the year to be discovered by tourists from all over the world.

We absolutely must give a mention to the unbeatable attractions of the Guanacaste beaches. With a wide range of accommodation options, amenities, urban centres and paradisiacal beaches. Guanacaste has a fantastic range of accommodation options. An ideal place to dip your toes in the warm tranquil sea, and fall in love with the peaceful landscapes. Or why not try a refreshing glass of horchata or pozol. Definitely the best way to feel like just another Costa Rican is wandering the streets of Liberia or Las Juntas. Waterfalls, rivers, canyons, museums, monuments and even bull riders await in one of the richest regions of this incredible country.

If you want to immerse yourself in sustainable nature and breathe fresh air 24 hours a day, then Monteverde will be a must. Tours of its internationally recognised cloud forests, agritourism, conservation areas, night walks and a variety of local art will make your stay a memorable and revitalizing experience.

And how could we not mention the Manuel Antonio National Park, the treasure of the Pacific coast. You can visit the park while enjoying the luxury and tranquility of the small town nearby, where you’ll find a range of hotels, one of the best beaches in the world and the most varied flora and fauna in the region. It’s open throughout the year and is located 132 km from San José. It’s got to be an unmissable part of your stay in this country. 

To conclude

All these destinations are within the reach of the travellers looking to enjoy, explore and connect with Central American culture, either on a family getaway or for a romantic holiday. Don’t forget – Tortuguero in Costa Rica is a hidden gem of a destination that shouldn’t be missed. 


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