Costa Rica Surf: What You Should Know

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Definitely one of the highlights of Costa Rica is the beach. And if have already visited the country, you will agree when we say that they are stunning, with giant waves and clean beaches. In other words: perfect for surfing.

Here are 4 things you should know about Costa Rica Surf:

1. The beaches are really close.


The nearest beach to San Jose, the centrally located capital, is about an hour. And once you arrive, you’ll find more nearby beaches, often next door, where the only thing that separates them are coral reefs.


Costa Rica is a small country compared with others of its kind, so you can get to any beach in no time.

2. They are perfect for surfing.

Besides being stunning, beaches like Playa Grande and Santa Teresa are ideal for practicing Surf in Costa Rica. Well, the truth is that most are. Costa Rica is characterized by varied waves, perfect for practicing various types of surfing.


3. There are top surfing beaches.

Although you can surf the majority of Costa Rican beaches, there are some of them that are more popular than others. Playa Hermosa is one of the most popular sites, home of international surfing championships. If you are an experienced surfer, this is your place.


Jaco is another highly visited place due to its proximity to the capital (about an hour away). Tamarindo is also a very popular beach due to its proximity to other beaches that are equally as perfect for surfing.


4. Costa Rica has its own surfing federation.

In recent years, Costa Rica surfing has been on everyone’s lips, thanks to the Surfing Federation, especially for its 9 medals won worldwide. The success of the country’s national surfing team has brought a number of improvements and support to the sport, such as sponsors, new tournaments, and programs to help more people join the surf.


Come and enjoy the wonderful beaches of Costa Rica!!!.


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