Ecotips: How To Find the Best Yoga Mat for your retreats in Costa Rica

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More than an activity, Yoga it’s a lifestyle that harmonizes your mind, body and spirit. With Asuaire Travel you have the opportunity to reconnect to yourself while you are in amazing landscapes, It’s you and the power of nature. 

Whether you practice yoga at home or in a class, a good yoga mat is one of your most important purchases.  You don’t want to work out on a towel or rug because that can lead to an injury. Some gyms offer yoga mats but most of us want our own to bring with us.

There are so many different kinds of yoga mats available that it’s hard to know where to start.  

Buying a yoga mat is a personal decision and not only needs to feel right with your body type, but should be sturdy enough to make you feel comfortable when practicing yoga.

Some tips on what to look for in a yoga mat:


Thickness & Weight of The Yoga Mat:

Yoga mats vary in their thickness and weight.  There are very thin compact mats and mats that weigh up to two pounds.  If you don’t know where to begin, the standard mat thickness is about 1/8 inch and is more than sufficient for most yoga practices.

With practices that are more flowing, these mats are perfect.  They are solid enough that you can feel the floor which can help with feeling stable when switching poses.  You don’t have to worry about these mats catching or getting in your way when you move from pose to pose.

Thicker mats

Thicker mats will give you more cushion and are the best for the more therapeutic types of yoga for floor work.  Thicker mats will be more comfortable if you do kneeling positions but can be harder when trying to balance if you do a standing pose.

Travel Mats:

There are many different kinds of yoga mats that are for travel and are lighter and more compact.  These mats tend to light in weight and very thin. They pack easily and are more suitable to take along with you in luggage.  They don’t have as much cushioning because of their thin, light size.

Yoga Mat Materials Available:

Thicker mats will tend to last longer and be a little more durable than thinner mats. 

There are many different kinds of mats available but the most common are the 3 below:

  1. PVC – Plastic Yoga Mats

The plastic mats are the least expensive because they are made out of synthetic material.  These mats used to be the most popular because they last a long time, are easy to clean and allow you to have a really good grip.  While being latex free, it is not eco-friendly and can become slippery if you sweat heavily since they are not absorbent.


  1. TPE – Thermoplastic Elastomer Yoga Mats

TPE is a blend of plastic and rubber.  Some of the mats are even recyclable which makes them more durable than the mats made of PVC.  They also allow yoga users to have solid traction.


  1. Ecofriendly Yoga Mats

We all want to do what’s best for the environment and there are many different kinds of eco-friendly mats available today.  They are made from jute, cork, rubber and organic cotton. While these mats are more durable and allow good traction, some of the brands are a little less grip-friendly than eco-friendly mats.   With an eco-friendly mat, you don’t have to worry about having any toxic materials that usually come with a plastic mat.

There are mats for every yoga and each person’s shape and size.  Just make sure it’s comfortable and can give you enough grip and stickiness for the style of yoga that you prefer.

Yoga in Costa Rica it’s an incredible way to calm your mind, relax and recharge your energy  while exercising even more if you are in touch with the wonders that this marvellous country can bring you


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