Essential Costa Rica

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As an essence, Costa Rica is a country full of unique and exclusive value, mainly due to its people.

In our essence the great riches of our land are concentrated: home of renowned natural beauty in the world and tasty, colorful and high quality fruit. A land that, despite representing only 0.03% of the total territory, is home to about 5% of the biodiversity and with a population of 4.6 million inhabitants produces and exports over 4,500 products to 146 countries.

People also shape our essence: Costa Rican workers, talented and skilled, ready to take highly skilled jobs. Genuine, caring, enterprising, innovative, pura vida… The Ticos we are a nation proud of their heritage and willing to make history in the world.

Costa Rica and essential Asuaire.

For our levels of CST and being C-Neutral we have been given the country brand to use as a hallmark of our high quality services. We license institutional and corporate use, advertising material.



ICT- Costa Rican Institute of Tourism


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