ICT- Costa Rican Institute of Tourism

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The Costa Rican Institute of Tourism is the official tourism representation for the country.

The 2021 vision of ICT is to ensure a model of sustainability, solidarity and fair tourism development through innovation, development of human talent and effective governance, to foster new opportunities for tourism development that contributes to the improving the competitiveness and quality of life in the nation.

General functions of ICT

The ICT is permanently developing programs, projects and processes aimed to contribute in a proactive and effective way to the Sustainable Tourism Development Model, through adequate and comprehensive resource management.

Institutional Goals

Seven strategic objectives are directly linked to the achievement of the mission and vision defined by the entity:

1. Strengthening instances, manage instruments and mechanisms, in order to exercise stewardship, adequacy and coordination of the tourism growth model towards sustainable tourism development.

2. Consolidating an integrated strategic information and knowledge system for decision-making in the public and private sector.

3. Improving awareness for Costa Rica as a distinct travel destination, through strategies in both national and international markets, according to the model of sustainable tourism development.

4. To promote the competitiveness of tourism companies in the country by differentiating the tourism model, the generation and transfer of knowledge, social responsibility and sustainability to enhance the country’s awareness.

5. Promoting the sustainable use of elements of space and heritage tourism through planning, reinforcing all knowledge and the development of local capacities to integrate them into tourism products that can contribute to the country’s global awareness.

6. Achieving a top administrative and financial management of ICT (efficient, effective and efficient) depending on the model of development.

7. Developing a model of organizational culture to achieve success for Sustainable Tourism Development, for the welfare of Costa Ricans, communities and country.


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