20 stunning images of Costa Rica that will make you fall in love with this country

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Do you dream of travelling or returning to Costa Rica soon? Asuaire Travel shares 20 stunning images of Costa Rica that will really make you fall in love with this wonderful country.


1. Art all over the country, celebrating its incredible wildlife

mural-puerto- viejo

It is difficult to capture the magnitude of Costa Rica’s wildlife with just a brush, but local artists do an excellent job, such as this beautiful mural of a turtle in Puerto Viejo, Limon. Awesome! Isn’t it?

2. A whale tail formed by two beaches in Bahía Ballena


Bahía Ballena, or “Whale Bay”, is one of Costa Rica’s tropical treasures, and one of the most appropriately named.  Not only is the beach shaped like the tail of a whale, but it is one of the best spots to enjoy whale-watching in the country.  

3. Thousands of palm trees line Carrillo Beach in Guanacaste


Carrillo beach A tropical paradise is a destination with palm trees! There’s nothing like watching a sunset in Costa Rica with the sound of the wind blowing the palm leaves that surround you.

4. Cerro Pelado, the ideal spot for hiking lovers


Costa Rica has it all, from beaches to rainforests to mountains overlooking incredible views. Grab your hiking shoes, water bottle, and prepare to live one of the best experiences in your life. 

5. Environmentally conscious beaches

stunning images of Costa Rica

Costa Rica is increasingly known for being a green country, a place that seeks the maximum well-being of our environment. Did you know Costa Rica produces its energy from 99% renewable sources? This is just the beginning!

6. Breathtaking views from the Central Valley 


You’ll find impressive lookouts throughout the country so you can stop and admire some amazing views just a few minutes from the city of San José.

7. Words of wisdom from the Caribbean Coast

stunning images of Costa Rica

“We love Mother Earth, let’s not forget it.”  Part of a our country philosophy is to protect, and appreciate our planet Earth.

8. Rainbows complementing the landscape perfectly


Although there are only two seasons in Costa Rica (dry and rainy), landscapes are always changing color throughout the year; and if you’re lucky, around January you can find a colorful brushstroke in the sky,either way it is always the best time to visit Costa Rica.

9. Howler monkeys are your alarm clock on the beach


What better way to start the day than to the sounds of nature? Let the monkeys wake you up after the sounds of the nocturnal wildlife have lulled you to sleep the night before.

10. The Central Pacific, where the forest meets the sea


Costa Rica is a combination of the best landscapes. Where else can you admire both the sea and the rainforest of Central America like this?


11. Road trips to amazing places just a short drive away


You never have to drive too far to find beauty and adventure in Costa Rica!

Asuaire Travel offers great benefits to rent you own car and help you have the best possible experience.  

12. Whales and dolphins splashing in Golfo Dulce

stunning images of Costa Rica

Once you’ve seen enough land animals, there’s even more to explore in the oceans of Costa Rica. Unforgettable!

13. A mystical rainforest less than an hour out of San José


The lands surrounding Barva Volcano offer access to one of the beautiful rainforests that make this country such a great tourist destination. The sights, sounds, and smells of this place are definitely an experience you won’t want to miss!  

14. Peace on the beach during the best time of day


What for us is the best time of day, especially on the beach, is the sunset. In Costa Rica, there are rarely repetid sunsets, but they are all equally beautiful.

15. Enjoy artistic family fun in San Jose


The country’s capital city is also rich with activities.  Many cultural fairs and art tours take place in San Jose, so you don’t have to leave the city to have some amazing cultural fun with your family!  

16. Fresh and delicious fruits


Ever tried fresh coconut water?  In Costa Rica, you’re never too far from tasting one of these delicious natural fruits, often cut straight from the palm tree and cracked open right in front of you. The best!

17. Infinity pools in Guanacaste

Lagarta Lodge in Nosara, Guanacaste

There’s something undeniably relaxing about floating in a pool with a view of the ocean. Don’t you think you deserve vacations in Nosara a of the best beach for Costa Rica surf?

18. Crystalline and salty waters


San Juanillo, a hidden gem of a beach that features some of the clearest ocean water you’ll ever see.  

19. Ideal spots in which to practice yoga

Blue Spirit Retreat Center, Nosara

Have you ever meditated quite deeply as you would surrounded by all this natural beauty? Costa Rica is paradise for any yoga lover! Inhale, exhale and enjoy the view…  

20. Leatherback turtles in Ostional


Many of Costa Rica’s beaches are nesting spots for various species of sea turtles.  If you’re lucky, you’ll have a chance to witness these amazing animals either laying their eggs or spawning, depending on the season. An unforgettable experience!

Start planning your vacation and visit the beautiful places in these stunning Costa Rica Pictures!


Photography by Maria Laura Charles


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