Top 5 Best Waterfalls in Costa Rica that are Worth knowing

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Costa Rica is a great place to visit  if you’re looking for a little exposure to a variety of different landscapes, from beautiful beaches and dense rain and cloud forests, to humbling volcanoes and thundering rivers. you will be able to know the most important Costa Rica facts, the country is also replete with amazing waterfalls. If you not know best places to visit in Costa Rica for your convenience, Asuaire Travel narrowed it down to the top five waterfalls in Costa Rica that are definitely worth visiting.


1. Nauyaca Waterfalls


Located 20 minutes from the remote town of Dominical in southern Costa Rica, this set of both upper and lower falls nestled in a wide canyon deep in the tropical rainforest is a fantastic spot for an invigorating hike followed by a refreshing afternoon dip.  

The Nauyaca falls are even complete with changing and bathroom facilities.

2. Río Celeste


This relatively small waterfall in Río Celeste of the Tenorio Volcano National Park is considered one of Costa Rica’s most magnificent attractions by tourists and locals alike.  

Río Celeste (Blue River) gets its name from a chemical reaction between volcanic minerals that turns the water an amazing bright blue, closer to the color of the sky than anything else.  


3. La Fortuna


La Fortuna waterfall is located in the gorgeous rainforest near the base of the majestic Arenal Volcano,one of the 5 Costa Rica volcanoes most actives, another great source of national pride.  

This 70-meter volcano possesses almost classical beauty, a stream of powerful white water pummelling through the lush vegetation and falling gracefully into the river below.  

4. La Cangreja


These 40-meter falls are worth a visit mainly due to the breathtaking sights you’ll see on your hike to get there. La Cangreja (the Crab) is located in Rincón de la Vieja National Park, one of Costa Rica’s most prized hiking locations.  

On your way to the falls, you’ll surely spot beautiful species of birds such as the Blue-Crowned Motmot, the Mountain Finch and the Emerald Toucanet, as well as a number of other creatures including raccoons, white-nosed Coatis, and colorful reptiles and insects.

5. Llanos del Cortés


Last but not least, the Llanos del Cortés waterfall is located near the town of Bagaces in Guanacaste, a short drive from the Liberia International Airport.  Apart from being easy to access, these beautiful wispy falls are wonderful to relax by, swimming or wading in the shallow pool at their base or sitting on the sandy banks to enjoy a snack.  The surrounding forest is also great to explore for an enhanced sightseeing experience.

Which of these waterfalls in Costa Rica are you most excited to visit?

Remember that it is always the best time to visit Costa Rica!


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