Top 6 best places to visit in Costa Rica that must be on your bucket list

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Are you planning a Costa Rica travel but don’t know where to start? Here are the best places in Costa Rica that should already be on your bucket list! #CostaRicaBucketlist

Costa Rica is a country filled with natural treasures. Active volcanoes, immense waterfalls, long pristine beaches, and rich forests with a unique wildlife! Find out more here:


1. Tortuguero


A place that’s so secluded and protected that can only be reached by boat. Almost like an island surrounded by narrow mangroves is heavenly Tortuguero National Park, located north from Limon.

It has around 19,000 hectares of protected area. And besides having a tropical rainforest surrounded by infinite channels, it has been recognized as one of the best destinations for turtle nesting in the world.

2. Manuel Antonio


Among Costa Rica’s most beautiful beach National Parks there’s Manuel Antonio National Park. Thanks to its responsable maintenance and protection, this place is a strong natural conserved gem in the Central Pacific Coast.

With its white sand beaches and crystal clear waters it’ll make anyone fall in love. Not to mention the abundant wildlife, you’ll easily find around its paths: monkeys, snakes, raccoons, butterflies, frogs, deers, turtles, toucans… and the list keeps going!

3. Puerto Viejo


Did you know that Costa Rica’s Pacific and Caribbean Coast are completely different? In Puerto Viejo, Limon you’ll find vibrant colored houses immersed in the jungle and people living a relaxed lifestyle to the sound of reggae and calypso music.

Beaches are full of reefs which reflect blue, green and purple colors in the sea contrasting the lush jungle. Discover Puerto Viejo‘s wonders the right way, on a bicycle!

4. Arenal


Have you ever seen a volcano in real life? The Arenal Volcano is breathtaking! An active volcano surrounded by a town full of traditions and spectacular views: La Fortuna.

You can enjoy natural hot springs that will rejuvenate your skin. Hike through tall hanging bridges in the rainforest and admire a dreamlike waterfall, like the one in Rio Fortuna. It’s amazing!

5. Monteverde


When you imagine Costa Rica’s immense rainforest you’ll probably picture a magical place like Monteverde, one of the best places in Costa Rica.

It’s the ideal place to try zip line above the rainforest’s canopy. Walk through giant suspension bridges amongst the famous Monteverde Cloud Forest.

6. Corcovado


Corcovado National Park located in the Osa Peninsula is one of the only areas with a variety of ecosystems such as mangrove, rainforest and fresh water swamp forest.

If you’re searching for a remote destination filled with lush and pure natural life, Corcovado is definitely what you’re dreaming of. This is true natural paradise!




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