What to see in Limón, Costa Rica

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Limón is the province which spans the whole Caribbean area of Costa Rica. It goes from Sixaola on the border with Panama, to the San Juan river which borders Nicaragua. It’s an area of rich forests, beautiful beaches, plentiful wildlife and varied and abundant tourist amenities.

Like the rest of Costa Rica, Limón is a very attractive place for tourists, since it’s located in this wonderful country ideal for sightseeing and exploring new ways of life. We’re referring to the great respect for nature, the enormous heritage they have in Central America.

limon costa rica

Visitors who come to the province of Limón are looking for the exotic tropical nature of the area above all: its national parks, trails, mountains and hidden beaches. Always within the context of sustainability and respect for Mother Nature.

It’s important to know that Puerto Limón is the largest city in the region, as well as an international port and the capital of the province of Limón. 

limon costa rica

First, how to get to Puerto Limón

Puerto Limón is located in the easternmost part of Costa Rica. You can be sure that it’s an easily accessible place.

If you’re in San José, you’ll easily arrive on an excellent road, after travelling about 160 kilometres. In addition, it’s a journey to be enjoyed, since along the way you enjoy unparalleled views of primary forests and the beautiful plains of the Costa Rican Caribbean. 

Puerto Limón is the capital of this amazing Caribbean province. It’s the main port of export in Costa Rica and one of the most popular sites for cruises exploring the islands of the South Caribbean.

Cruisers enjoy its many attractions: forests, flora and fauna and green landscapes. 

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The attractions of Puerto Limón

As we’ve seen, the attractions of this place are practically endless, but we’re going to mention the most popular.

The beaches of Limón province

The Caribbean Sea laps the shores of Limón, so it goes without saying that it’s an ideal place to spend a few days sunbathing and enjoying the place where you’re staying. 

limon costa rica

The resorts where you can enjoy a mojito while soaking in one of their pools or beaches are well known. Without a doubt, a possibility to consider and an interesting attraction. 

In addition, adventurous beach lovers are in the ideal place. The reason why is because there are many different beaches where you can bathe, go scuba diving, snorkel and other very interesting activities without leaving the water.

Tortuguero National Park

As we’ve said before, protected natural areas are gathered together in Costa Rica. The wetlands form beautiful spaces of great natural interest, both for flora and fauna. 

limon costa rica

Tortuguero National Park is the perfect example of nature, with a large number of turtles going there to spawn every season. The park receives its name from this.

Sloth sanctuary

These friendly animals, which are currently on trend for the huge number of videos we find about them on social networks and due to some well-known cartoon characters, have a sanctuary dedicated entirely to them. 

limon costa rica

It’s a rescue centre specialized in providing daily care by professionals, who work hard to improve their lives and treat them if accidents occur. This ensures the continuity of the species and protects this adorable animal.

The mountains of Costa Rica

In Costa Rica there’s a great variety of flora to discover. There are many adventurers who put on their backpacks and decide to chart their way on their own to discover those places which so far have been little photographed by the rest of tourists and nature scholars.

limon costa rica

The trails, mountains, trees, beaches and cliffs which this type of tourism allows you to discover are waiting for those daring tourists. Of course, for this type of tourism it’s necessary to familiarise yourself beforehand, to understand the possible dangers that you risk running into in these places and any aspects which must be prevented when going on this adventure.

Banana plantations

How can you leave Costa Rica without visiting a banana plantation? It’s not a place separated from tourists, since they’re very oriented to tourism. While work goes on at the banana plantations, they receive visits from curious tourists who want to know how daily tasks are carried out there. They show them how they pick the fruit, package it and send it to the different places where it’s sold. Without a doubt, a place of great beauty and interest and an unmissable event if you visit Limón province.

limon costa rica

Punta Uva

This is related to the most adventurous part. We find this natural wonder approximately sixty kilometres from Puerto Limón. 

Just imagining the greenest and densest nature with a path to reach the sea, we might already be thinking this is heaven on earth. The entire forest is located on the shore of the beach, so you can enjoy swimming in these waters surrounded by nature, which provides extra coolness. 

limon costa rica

This place has all the amenities, as it can be accessed by bus and also has restaurants, cafes and even craft shops typical of the place to be able to distract yourself from such beauty.

Cahuita National Park

We keep telling you: nature is the most important thing in Limón, Costa Rica. And Cahuita is pure nature. The sea, forest, corals, from the deep ocean to the jungle on the side of the road. If you’re looking for nature, Cahuita is the place for you!

limon costa rica

You’ll go on a pleasant walk in the Cahuita National Park while admiring the animals which are living freely there. It involves crossing the jungle from Playa Blanca to Puerto Vargas.

 It’s important to bear in mind that you don’t look for animals in this place, but find them accidentally as they move around. Is there anything more exciting?

Puerto Viejo

Anyone who plans to spend a few days in the province of Limón can’t ignore the idea of going to Puerto Viejo. Without a doubt, a place with all the ingredients for a very special holiday and with dozens of activities to do without getting bored

Puerto Viejo has its past as a fishing village, but nowadays it’s a tourist destination. Surf lovers have created a true temple here in order to spend their holidays doing their favourite sport. Many of them have even made Puerto Viejo the ideal place to live.

limon costa rica

From Limón you can access Puerto Viejo by bus, as they leave frequently.

It’s a town, but has fifteen kilometres of beach which make it a destination unlike any other. It has activities such as snorkelling, kayaking and the popular surf of the area. But in addition it has many bars and restaurants where you can try its beers and its cuisine, something you can’t miss out on if you visit this place. 

limon costa rica

Its beaches, trails and the immersion in nature are the highlights of the adventure of travelling to Puerto Viejo

If after this description you’re wondering how to get to Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica, we’ll give you the different options to consider this possibility on your trip. We expect that you won’t be disappointed.

An Asuaire travel consultant will undoubtedly be able to tell you the best way to get there, since it will depend a lot on your budget and the time you have for your trip. 

limon costa rica

If you’re in a rented car: It’s best to download Waze or Google Maps and let the applications guide you. However, it’s not a bad idea to have a paper map to hand so you don’t get lost if the cell phone signal disappears. 

To get to Puerto Viejo you have to take Highway 32 until you arrive at Puerto Limón. Once at the entrance of the town, it’s very well signposted where you have to turn right to go in the direction of the South of the province. 

By private transport: Ask your travel consultant, as there are many shared options which are very affordable and take you directly to the door of the hotel you’re going to, safely and easily. 

limon costa rica

By public transport. The line which takes you to the South Caribbean is Mepe. It’s low cost and has several departures a day. 

Another option is to fly to Puerto Limón and from there take transport to the South. However, you’ll still have at least two hours of overland travel. 

– If you’re in Tortuguero and your next destination is Puerto Viejo, you can take a boat which will take you to Moín. It’s a long journey but the route through the jungle is second to none. 

limon costa rica

From there, you must choose whether you prefer to take a taxi or an Uber to take you to the South. In about two hours you’ll be there to start dealing with the wealth of sensations and plans the place offers you.

Once you’re settled in Puerto Viejo, you can explore the town on foot, without the need for a vehicle. But, if you plan on exploring the beaches or places a bit further afield, the best and most ecological recommendation is to rent a bicycle. Few things are better than exploring nature by bike

Cuisine in Puerto Limón

More and more people travel with the intention of trying new flavors and gastronomic trends. In the case of Limón, it’s another reason to visit. 

limon costa rica

Here, the Spanish heritage of the aborigines merges with Afro-Antillean cuisine. But there are also other interesting influences, such as Chinese, Indian and even Italian. 

Different flavours and textures from the Caribbean with all these interesting facets.

Fishing, the harvest of homegrown fruit and the mixture of all these tendencies are the stars of some dishes which will leave no one cold. In addition, the natural condiments used give flavors which until now hadn’t been tasted by western palates.

limon costa rica

But first of all, you should know that the food in this area is very often cooked in coconut milk and is often spicy. You can enjoy the delicious “Rice and Beans” version of the Costa Rican pinto rooster, the spicy “Caribbean Chicken” and the “Patí”, a meat pie made in the Afro-Caribbean style. 

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Accommodation in Limón, Costa Rica

But of course, if we’re travelling to such a distant place, we also expect to have accommodation with all the amenities. 

In Limón, Costa Rica they have different types of accommodation, just like practically all the places we visit nowadays. If visitors prefer the most comfortable hotels, this place has many and varied options. 

limon costa rica

But, if they prefer the typical accommodation of the region, the best option is the locals’ apartments or houses, where apart from staying there they’ll get to know and immerse themselves in the life of this place, discovering how Costa Ricans eat, cook and carry out their daily household chores.

The hotels of Limón are characteristic of the place, but without a doubt a good bet to enter fully into the tradition and culture of the place where you’re a visitor for a few days.

You’ll find some luxury hotels in the area with unique and very interesting architecture and decoration. However, you won’t find large or all-inclusive resorts anywhere in the province. 

limon costa rica

In Costa Rica in general, there is no such thing as private beaches, because by law, they’re all public. However, there are wonderful settings facing the sea and surrounded by nature. 

You can enjoy Limón however you like, anything goes and everyone does tourism in their own way.

The Province of Limón, ideal for every type of trip

The visitors who come to Puerto Limón annually are many and varied. But there’s not just one visitor profile. We tell you the different profiles of travellers who choose Puerto Limón every year as their favourite holiday destination.

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Travel to Puerto Limón as a couple

Undoubtedly one of the options preferred by the vast majority of travellers is to travel with their partners. This can mean couples who come on their honeymoon or couples of all ages. Even older people who choose Puerto Limón as a place to relax or have a great adventure.

limon costa rica

Puerto Limón as a family

There are many families with young children who want to teach them the habit of travelling and adapting to different places from an early age. Many families with children come to Puerto Limón so they can learn more about nature and get used to being surrounded by it. In addition, the animals found in this environment are difficult to find in other places, like where we live.

limon costa rica

Travel to Costa Rica with friends

Without a doubt, it’s the perfect destination for friends, since the thousands of activities on offer here mean the fun never ends. From the parties organised in neighbouring municipalities or hotels to the activities which take advantage of its crystalline waters, by way of suggestions to immerse yourself in nature.

The end of year trip to Limón

Universities hold end of year celebrations, and without a doubt, a difficult academic year only ends in the best way with a trip like this. In Puerto Limón, Costa Rica there’s a great variety of entertainment on offer so that young people who are enjoying the end of their degree can celebrate in style. Is there a better combination than partying, an unbeatable climate, activities and beach?

limon costa rica

The weather in Puerto Limón

Costa Rica enjoys an authentic microclimate, and it’s the ideal place for those who hate the cold. Without a doubt, it’s the opposite of living in Norway, for example. Average temperatures are around 22 degrees minimum and 30 degrees maximum. With this weather, at Christmas, in Limón they wear a swimsuit and can enjoy not having to make wardrobe changes.

Of course, as in all places with this type of climate, storms are common. Therefore, on a day when it’s least expected, in the middle of a moment of total sun, clouds appear and a huge storm arrives. But these are the minor details of enjoying so many sunny days a year and having such enviable temperatures.

limon costa rica

It’s already possible to travel to a place with good weather, lots of activities, the choice of beach and mountains, nature, flora and fauna and nearby places not to be missed. If you want to travel to a place with thousands of possibilities, you’ll find them in the Province of Limón. There are no excuses not to make this unforgettable trip.

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