Seven reasons to spend your honeymoon in Costa Rica

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Spending a honeymoon in Costa Rica is no off-the-wall idea — it’s an excellent opportunity for you and your partner to go on a memorable and romantic trip that you’ll always remember. Here we suggest seven good reasons to visit it.

1.- This Central American paradise offers 50 microclimates that change throughout the year. From the dry season that lasts from December to April, to the rainy season from May to November, the weather being particularly wet in September and October.

2.- The beaches of Costa Rica are very beautiful, especially those of Guanacaste.

3.- In contrast to the hot climate of the beaches, the weather is cooler closer to the volcanic areas. 

4.- Travelling to Costa Rica also means taking a tour through forests and jungles. The country has 17 national parks and seven areas designated as ecological reserves, such as the Monteverde Biological Reserve and the Poás and Tortuguero Volcano National Parks.

5.- There you can admire more than 800 kinds of birds and more than two thousand species of trees. Just imagine for a minute that tropical setting where quetzals, hummingbirds, toucans and macaws live between rivers and beaches, together with jaguars, coatis, sloths, monkeys and armadillos.

6.- In the Pacific region you’ll find coral reefs. 

7.- Costa Rica is part of the Pacific Ring of Fire, and is home to close on one hundred volcanoes, the vast majority of which are inactive. Among the best known are Poás, Arenal, Turrialba, Cerro Chato and Rincon de la Vieja.

What to see in Costa Rica: Five essential places to visit

The Nicoya Peninsula in Guanacaste offers some excellent places to stay, such as Boca Barranca, Jaco, Hermosa and Esterillos as well as Golfito and the Ballena National Park.

The Isla del Caño Biological Reserve and the Corcovado National Park are home to coral reefs as well as the greatest biological diversity on the planet. There are top quality hotels in the area.

San José is the country’s capital, and here you can visit places that are the stuff of dreams. Within the city a visit to the municipal market is a must, as is checking out the National Theatre and the Metropolitan Cathedral of San José.

Another destination is the Arenal National Park, where the volcano of the same name is located just over 1,600 metres above sea level. In this area there are places that offer excellent spa services, with natural hot springs.

The coral reef that forms part of the Cahuita National Park is a paradise, and a perfect place for anyone who enjoys scuba diving. Located in the Caribbean, three hours by car, and 45 minutes by air, from San José.

In Costa Rica you’ll find excellent places for kayaking, surfing, sport fishing, windsurfing, diving and rafting. The country is home to native peoples with a rich history, such as the Chorotega, Huetar, Ngöbe, Bribri, Cabécar, Borucka, Maleku and Teribe.

The stunning beaches of Guanacaste

Ostional: a wonder of the natural world, home to turtles in the Pacific between July and December. Big waves, in a setting of mangrove swamps. The town of the same name is a good place to stay, as are Sámara, San Juanillo and Nosara.

Conchal: One of the most exotic places on the planet with crystalline waters, near the town of Brasilito.

‘Hermosa’, which means ‘beautiful’, certainly lives up to its name, with its mountainous green setting, and calm waters.

Guiones: It’s a beach with around 7 kilometres of white sands and crystalline waters, located in a rugged environment ideal for surf lovers.

Samara: Samara has a host of tourist services, hotels and bars, thanks to tit’s beautiful setting. Nearby is the particularly beautiful Chora Island.

Playa Grande: Located in the Las Baulas National Marine Park, it’s ideal for surfers, and is visited by leatherback turtles between October and May.

Flamingo: Recognised as a luxury destination with top class hotels and exclusive residences. The beach has soft white sand with calm waters, and is surrounded by mangrove swamp and coconut palms.

Playa del Coco: Extends along Coco Bay, from there stretching to the famous surfing sites of Roca Bruja and Ollie’s Point. There are a wide variety of accommodation options and restaurants, and the place has a festive atmosphere.

Playa Tamarindo: Also located in the Las Baulas National Marine Park, it’s set among oak and tamarind trees and coconut palms.

Playa Naranjo: Part of the Santa Rosa National Park. There are interesting walking trails in the area. Access is difficult, which means that it’s off the beaten track, and free from mass tourism.

The trip you and your partner have always dreamed of is one to the beaches of Costa Rica, in a country where there is so much to see. If you decide to spend your honeymoon in Costa Rica, remember that paradise is to be found on the beaches of Guanacaste. 


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