Travelling to Costa Rica with children?

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It’s up to you to decide when’s the best time to travel to Costa Rica with your children. It’s one of the most important tourist destinations in the Americas, and one of the safest countries for a peaceful family holiday. A country you’ll fall in love with thanks to its incredible natural riches, the warmth of its people and an enviable tropical climate.

When is the best time to travel to Costa Rica with children?

Costa Rica is a good place to we travel with children throughout the year. It’s a country which experiences stable and pleasant temperatures within the parameters of a tropical climate. There are two distinct seasons: a dry season (summer), and a rainy season (winter).

The dry season is from December to April. These are the months with the highest temperatures, between 25 and 30 °C, although there are differences between the different areas of the country. Perfect for the kids to enjoy a vacation without extremes of temperature.

The rainy season, between May and November, is for many is the perfect season for the kids to enjoy all the natural splendours of Costa Rica. It’s cooler and more humid.

Not sure what to do in Costa Rica if you’re travelling with children?

Costa Rica is a country that offers an incredible variety of options for children to enjoy an amazing holiday. It’s the ideal country for whatever type of activities you prefer, as there is a huge variety of options.

Costa Rica is the ideal natural paradise where the kids can live out incredible adventures in a unique natural environment, in a country packed with history where they can visit towns and cities, check out the museums and, of course, enjoy its magnificent beaches.

National Parks

One of the strengths of Costa Rican tourism is its impressive national parks . Incredible protected natural spaces that are clean and well conserved, where your children can enjoy that direct contact with the natural world.

In the La Paz Natural Park you’ll find the famous La Paz waterfall. It has a huge variety of animals: pumas, toucans, monkeys, hummingbirds, and snakes, among others. A perfect environment for the kids to get to know animals up close and personal, but of course with all the necessary safety measures in place. They can also enjoy incredible adventures such as crossing the jungle on zip lines, or rafting with the whole family.

The Manuel Antonio National Park is the one most frequently visited in the country. A protected natural area with a great biodiversity that also has beautiful beaches. Beaches where, as well as the joys of sea and sand, the kids can amuse themselves with the pranks of the animals that live there, such as monkeys.

Your kids can visit a real volcano. You can visit the Irazú Volcano National Park, home to the highest volcano in Costa Rica. It’s an active volcano, and there’s a kilometre-wide lake of volcanic origin with amazing turquoise waters in the main crater. An experience they will never forget.


Enjoy the Costa Rican beaches

Costa Rica’s beaches are another of the wonders that this beautiful country offers for the family to enjoy.

Santa Teresa beach in Puntarenas is one not to be missed. One of the best, where your kids can have surfing lessons and enjoy delicious local fruit and cool slushies made with natural juices.

The islands of the Santa Catalina archipelago are perfect for children to get know the wonders of the local marine inhabitants: sharks, manta rays and fish of every colour imaginable.

The beaches of Guanacaste are extremely popular. There, you can do lots of family activities, such as surfing, sport fishing or diving. Beautiful beaches where you can see turtles and enjoy perfectly conserved and protected natural environments.

Costa Rica: fun and interesting facts

And to get kids excited about the trip, try telling them about Costa Rica and its oddities:

The country has one of the five Blue Zones in the world: Nicoya Where many of the inhabitants maintain an active life and live for over 100 years.

Costa Rica contains 5% of the world’s biodiversity.

It’s considered one of the happiest nations in the world.

Without a doubt, the best time to travel to Costa Rica with children is whenever is good for you. The most important thing is to get them involved in preparing for the trip, listen to their expectations and take them into account when you’re planning activities. Costa Rica is a country that opens its arms to you and gives you the opportunity to enjoy an unforgettable family holiday.



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