8 Panama Destinations You Must See In Your Lifetime

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Panama, the southernmost country in Central America, may be best known as the home of the famed Panama Canal, but there’s actually way more to see and do in this small but beautiful country.  Here are some of the best spots to visit on your next trip to Panama.


1. Panama City

Panama Destinations

This first one may seem obvious, but that makes it no less important.  Panama’s largest city, and its capital, PC is an interesting combination of contemporary architecture, historic colonial areas, and a surrounding tropical rainforest.  There’s no other city quite like it.


2. Bocas del Toro

Panama Destinations

This popular destination is perfect for lovers of outdoor adventure.  In Bocas del Toro you can go jungle trekking, take canopy tours, go kayaking in mangroves, sail, dive, spot wildlife, and take in some historic Caribbean architecture.


3. Barú Volcano

Panama Destinations

Panama’s highest geographical point, Baru Volcano is a great place for experienced hikers and climbers to visit.  Any less adventurous visitors can always wait for their daring companions in the amazing nearby hot springs fed by the dormant volcano’s thermal waters.


4. Boquete

Panama Destinations

Called the “Valley of Flowers”, this mountain town is situated on Panama’s western border and is home to mountain ranges that extend into the neighboring country of Costa Rica.  Soak in the hot springs, go whitewater rafting, or zip line through the gorgeous cloud forest in beautiful Boquete.


5. El Valle de Anton

Panama Destinations

The Antón Valley is a little town, fascinatingly located in the crater of an extinct volcano, is as pretty as it is interesting.  The surrounding forest offers great birdwatching, while the countryside holds hiking and horseback riding opportunities.


6. Canal de Panamá

Panama Destinations

The Canal de Panamá may not be the most underground of Panamanian attractions, but the canal is no less worth a visit.  A key source of the country’s economy, the Panamá Canal history is crucial to Panama’s development, and thus an important visit to make.


7. Pueblo Emberá

Panama Destinations

Home to one of nine major indigenous groups in Panama, this village on the banks of the Chagres River is definitely worthy of a respectful visit. In Emberá you’ll be able to learn about some of the group’s traditions, buy authentic handcrafted souvenirs, and take in some once-in-a-lifetime dances and performances.


8. Islas San Blas

Panama Destinations

The San Blas archipelago have of about 400 tiny islands off the northern coast is a popular destination thanks to its unrivaled natural beauty.  Of the islands, only about 50 of them are inhabited, leaving the others largely untouched. In San Blas Islands you will have limited access to modern conveniences, and can relax and experience the lifestyle of the welcoming Kuna Yala tribe that lives there.


What Panamanian destination are you most excited to visit?



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