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El Mirador is one of the largest and oldest Mayan sites in the world. Located in the thick jungle of Petén, Guatemala, the viewpoint flourished in the pre-classic period before the ascent of Tikal.

Your departure from the hotel to Flores Airport is at 8 AM and arrival at the archeological site El Mirador at 9 AM. After a flight over the wonderful Maya Biosphere Reserve. They will take a walk guided by the site with one of the archaeological zone resources. (OPTIONAL: You can also hire a professional archaeologist guide, which has an additional cost). The site has been the object of archaeological studies for the last 26 years, however, some people think that the site has recently been discovered in the jungles of Guatemala. The name that El Mirador had in ancient times is not known, but perhaps the Mayas called it Ox Te Tun or “Place where the Gods were born”, while the ruling dynasty – that exerted its power on a great territory – could have known Like Kan, the Serpent. All this is just beginning to be understood … El Mirador is one of the oldest sites and also one of the largest Mayan cities, home to the most massive pyramid built on the planet, called La Danta, 79 meters height. Its construction fill only consists of 2.8 million cubic meters of padding and covers an area of ​​6.5 per 3.5 football fields! As you will see the pyramids of El Mirador have been named with names of animals. La Danta means tapir .. This morning you will see Grupo La Pava and you will appreciate old residences called Cascabel … Upon returning to the camp you will have lunch at 2:15 PM and after lunch you will visit Structure 313, recently restored, and Structure 34 , Where you will appreciate the magnificent frieze that shows the Claw of a Jaguar. From the top of the Pyramid of the Tiger, the second highest in El Mirador, with 72 meters of height you will see an unforgettable view of the jungle and with that we will bid farewell to the Mirador. Return to the heliport at 3:45 p.m. and departure from El Mirador at 4 PM. You will arrive at Flores Airport at 4:30 PM, upon your arrival return to the hotel in Flores.


  • Hike to the largest Mayan pyramid in the world.
  • Know one of the oldest Mayan cities.

What to bring

  • Sunscreen.
  • Water.
  • Camera.
  • Comfortable shoes.


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Mirador Tour

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4 hours
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