5 reasons why renting a car in Central America is the best choice for your next trip

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Are you thinking about travelling to Costa Rica, Nicaragua or Panama soon, but haven’t decided whether to rent a car or move between places through public or private transportations? Asuaire Travel shares with you 5 reasons why renting a car in Central America is the best choice for your next trip.


1. Flexibility and freedom

Visit new places at your own pace. A great benefit about renting your own car is that you can make as many stops as you like along the way, like eating at a local restaurant or appreciating the landscapes from a lookout point on the road. Also enjoy beautiful nature scenery between each destination. It’s spectacular!


2. Family time

It will be like a Sunday trip with your family but in a heavenly country with countless activities and destinations to enjoy and discover together.


You won’t have to complicate yourself looking for taxis or public transportation schedules; you and your family can move freely at the pace you like.

Enjoy real family holidays when renting a car in Central America!

3. Travelling like a local

When driving your own car for example in Costa Rica, you become another “tico” or local. Live a 100% like a local in your trip to Central America and enjoy the best places to visit in Central America!


Try the best traditional restaurants in the area and visit spectacular Costa rica Secret spots, you can only get by car. Rent your own car and we will recommend beautiful places you can explore on the road!


4. Enjoy many benefits by renting your car with Asuaire Travel

You probably wonder, what are the benefits I’ll get when renting a car in Central America with Asuaire Travel? Check them here:

  • We only ask for a deposit of US$100 in credit card, which covers the warranty of the car, GPS or WIFI.
  • We offer a maximum insurance coverage, that includes full coverage collision, damage, overturning, theft, damage to third parties, wheel puncture and roadside assistance.
  • An additional driver can be included.
  • Your car can be delivered to your hotel with no extra cost to most parts of Costa Rica: San Jose, Guapiles, Manuel Antonio, Tamarindo, Papagayo Gulf, San Jose airport and Liberia.
  • Local taxes are included in the rates.
  • You’ll have the assistance of a travel consultant 24/7.

5. Save more money!

You can choose a type of car that will benefit all your trip’s needs, but at a more convenient price. Asuaire Travel can help you find the option that best suits your needs. Just ask us!


While travelling on your own, you can eat and visit traditional sites of Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama and therefore, for a much cheaper price.

And the list goes on! Have you already decided which car you’ll rent on your next trip to Central America? Rent your car here today!


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