Asuaire Travel received the Rainforest Alliance certification

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At Asuaire Travel, we recognize our responsibility as both a company and as citizens of the world, to do our part in the conservation and preservation of our earth’s resources.  That responsibility is accompanied by many opportunities to improve and expand on our commitment to the environment.


In the past, Asuaire has been proud to receive a number of certifications recognizing our sustainable efforts, such as the highest score for Tourism Sustainability Certification,  a program that aims to categorize and certify tourism businesses according to the degree to which their operation approaches a sustainability model.


Five star Ecological Blue Flag, which rewards efforts in the search for conservation and development in accordance with the protection of natural resources, the implementation of actions to face climate change, the improvement of public health, and more.

Also Carbon Neutral certification, awarded to businesses taking significant strides in the reduction of their carbon footprint.  


This month, Asuaire is proud to announce our Rainforest Alliance Certification, an honor that indicates that our company has been audited and found to comply with standards of environmental, social and economic sustainability.  The Rainforest Alliance seal features a green frog, the symbol of environmental health, and we are thrilled to have earned ours with a score of 97.82%.


Sustainability is an ongoing effort, a challenge that we at Asuaire Travel are proud to face in hopes of ever strengthening our relationship to the amazing natural world around us.  

You can learn more about Asuaire’s sustainable efforts .



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Asuaire Travel gana certificación de Rainforest Alliance


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