Know San Carlos in 5 Activities

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Have you heard about San Carlos, Costa Rica? It is a canton in the province of Alajuela, which is centered around of Poas volcano. But beyond that, it is considered “the promised land.”If you don’t know  where to go in Costa Rica, it´s one of the top places , as it offers many natural resources and outdoor activities you will love.

If you want to know more about this beautiful place, you can do it in 5 activities:


 Arenal Volcano and Laguna

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Have you ever seen a volcano? It is a unique experience. San Carlos is home to the magnificent Arenal Volcano, perhaps the most famous Costa Rica volcano. Despite not erupting since 1968, it is the country’s most active Costa Rica volcano, as it constantly emits gases and water vapor, with some explosions of pyroclastic materials and the occasionally loud rumblings. As Arenal’s height reaches 33 km, you can see it from afar, even from your hotel. But you must get closer to discover the lagoon, where you can take a boat ride to tour and see birds such as herons.

 Hot Springs

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If you’ve never been in the hot springs, you’re missing out.

There are a couple of places that offer a hotel, spa and hot springs. We recommend Tabacón, which has the perfect combination of luxury and nature. Here, you will find several natural jacuzzis with warm water straight from the volcano. Each tub has a different temperature so you can try them all and get used to the sensation. Some of them have plants that grow on the bottom. You will see that there is no more relaxing experience than being in a toasty pool surrounded by nature.

Fortuna Waterfall

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This Costa Rica waterfall is really awesome! But to have the privilege of seeing it, you must first do a little exercise. Nobody said it would be easy to see the extraordinary.

To reach the Fortuna waterfall, you’ll need to go down several slopes and walk a few trails, but the reward makes it all worthwhile. When you get to the bottom, you will be able to see the amazing waterfall and dive into it. It is fresh, clean, and very cold at first, but you’ll see that after a while, it is a really nice experience.

Adventure activities

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Adrenaline lovers, this is for you! You can do rafting, ziplining, kayaking, rappelling and more. This place is a paradise for those who seek adventure and extreme sports. The best part is that while you are doing these activities, you can enjoy both nature and the different animals you will see in the jungle.

Wildlife Tours

If you like nature and exotic animals, this could be your favorite part. There are different options for tours and jungle treks, where you can see the Costa Rica biodiversity, a variety of animals, including monkeys, frogs, and snakes. There are daylight and nocturnal tours, which provide views of different species. Both are beautiful and distinct experiences you can enjoy.

We assure you that if you sign up for all of these adventures, you can say with certainty that you know San Carlos well.

Have you already visited this beautiful place? Tell us about your trip! What was your favorite experience?



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