How To Make Your Next Trip To Costa Rica As Carbon Neutral As Possible

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There is an increasing worldwide concern with sustainability, and with good reason,every step we can take toward improving our use of energy and resources benefits the environment, and human life along with it.

One of the ways we can do this is to patronize environmentally-conscious businesses that make efforts to reduce their carbon footprints. If you want  to help to sustainable travel, we’ve compiled a list of hotels in Costa Rica that do this, so you can have your pick of some of the best, eco-friendly destinations, and feel good about the choices you make on your next family holidays.



1. Hotel Belmar

Located in idyllic Monteverde, Hotel Belmar is one of the most eco-conscious hotels in the country.  Their admirable preservation and waste reduction practices include solar panels for water heating, rain water harvesting, biodegradable cleaning products, locally produced, organic goods, carbon offsetting, and many more.

2. Hotel La Posada

La Posada, located in San Ramón, boasts a strong commitment to effective recycling practices, LED lighting, ultra-efficient toilets, and renewable energy through the use of a photovoltaic panels system.  The hotel is known for its many efforts to reduce, balance, and control its environmental impact.

3. Westin Golf Resort & Spa

Nestled above Conchal Beach, the Westin Golf Resort & Spa considers sustainable development to be a way of life.  The hotel has earned a number of awards and certificates recognizing their environmental efforts, including Sustainable Tourism Certification, multiple Blue Flags, and Carbon Positive certification, which postulates that the hotel compensates 25% above their total carbon emissions.


4. Hotel Campo Verde

Hotel Campo Verde in La Fortuna is another that recognizes its social and environmental responsibilities to ensure commitment to sustainable tourism.  They take great care to preserve the biodiversity of their ecosystem through waste, water, and electricity management, and protection of flora and fauna.  They also make efforts to protect the historic and cultural heritage of the area.

5. Evergreen Lodge

The Evergreen Lodge in Tortuguero has also worked hard to obtain certificates in sustainability, implementing such measures as energy and water waste reduction and recycling programs.  The Lodge has also taken important steps to involve the local community in its efforts, providing jobs and resources for the people living in the area.

6. Hotel Catarata Rio Celeste

Another proud holder of the Sustainable Tourism Certification, this Rio Celeste hotel is also fully carbon neutral, and works with Asuaire to create travel packages that take advantage of the best the location has to offer while allowing guests to take part in guilt-free, environmentally friendly activities.

What are some of your favorite ways to protect the environment?



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