Ten unmissable tours in Costa Rica

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Travelling is more fashionable than ever, and thanks to all the low-cost companies in existence nowadays, it’s become a great passion for many people. Tours in Costa Rica are booming because of this marvellous hobby.

Many people don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to get to know this wonderful and magical corner of the world after discovering the impressive landscapes here which can be seen on the internet, as well as photographs of its different aspects: gastronomic, cultural, and so on. So, here’s a guide to how get the most out of it.

Nowadays, who doesn’t feel like taking the world on? One of the things which most enriches us is discovering and immersing ourselves in new cultures. That’s exactly the opportunity participating in different routes through Costa Rica offers you. 

You’ll never cease to be amazed by this country. The wide variety of possibilities of things to do and see ranges from the mountains and forests, to the charming heavenly beaches and the authentic tourist spots of historical interest. Would you like to know more?

All-inclusive routes through Costa Rica

Costa Rica is situated in an unbeatable location, since it’s located at an intermediate point between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean. Therefore, it’s authentically rich in terms of culture and varied landscapes. Costa Rica is also one of the countries in America with the smallest number of citizens, since there are no more than 5 million people who usually live there.

Also, apart from being a country with one of the smallest populations, its inhabitants are listed as one of the happiest populations in the world

This is partly due to the excellent weather you can enjoy all year round with an all-inclusive tour in Costa Rica, as well as its good atmosphere, amenities and the reception given to travellers, as well as the social security available to them, which protects all its citizens.

The climate of Costa Rica will show you different landscapes and provide different benefits throughout the year, but you must choose a time to travel according to your priorities, as it changes a lot during the seasons.

If you want to visit in the dry season, we recommend travelling to this beautiful place sometime between December and April. 

On the contrary, if you prefer to experience a true immersion in and contact with its nature, we recommend you visit during the other months of the year, which will feature abundant rains, generating a landscape unique to this country.

Why go on an organised trip in Costa Rica?

If you’ve decided to visit this country, you can’t miss out on Costa Rica organised trips, as they’ll ensure you really visit the most important places. In addition, these types of trips adapt to whatever you’re looking for: nature, gastronomy, culture or a bit of everything. Below, we show you some of the main reasons for taking trips to Costa Rica with El Corte Inglés, and some of the best routes.

If you want to go to Costa Rica but you don’t like isolating yourself in the countryside, or you want to mix this with everything a city has to offer, you can visit the Costa Rican capital: San José. 

It’s also worth visiting the surrounding villages, which have very fine architecture and beautiful buildings with warm and welcoming coffee shops. In addition, its inhabitants will make you feel at home. If, on the other hand, you prefer to do natural routes, there’s no lack of those either!

In addition, Costa Ricans are very special, as anyone who has ever visited the country knows. Their motto is “pure life”, two simple words which perfectly describe the mentality of this culture

Costa Rica loves to live in the moment and enjoy day to day life. The truth is that if you go, you’ll realise it’s very difficult to find any unhappy or pessimistic inhabitants. When you see how people live there and the optimistic and cheerful atmosphere which prevails everywhere, you’ll never want to leave.

Ten unmissable tours in Costa Rica

As you’ve seen in the previous section, there are many reasons to take a tour of Costa Rica. A trip to this country will make a lasting impression on you, and so you can check it out for yourself, below we suggest some of the best routes you can take.

1. Tortuguero-Arenal-Manuel Antonio

If you want to mix wild nature, adventure, Costa Rican culture and relaxing on the shores of the warm Pacific Ocean, this route is ideal for you. First of all, you’ll visit San José, the capital of Costa Rica, which we’ve already mentioned. This will offer you many cultural places to visit before continuing the tour to Tortuguero, Arenal and Manuel Antonio.

In the centre of San José you’ll find many attractions for all tastes. From the beautiful National Theatre, with its history woven around the artistic and political life of Costa Rica, this icon of San José is accompanied by the Gold and Jade Museums, as well as the colourful San José Central Market. 

Later, you’ll begin the journey towards the impressive nature of the Tortuguero National Park, where if you’re lucky you’ll experience numerous wildlife sightings, as well as amazing landscapes linking the water and the jungle, showing a kaleidoscope of images which are difficult to forget. 

On the other hand, if you visit between the months of July and October you can see the magnificent green turtles spawning. 

This tour also includes the popular Arenal Volcano, with its extensive list of activities for all tastes, from extreme adrenaline-filled adventures to cultural experiences which will allow you to discover the unique daily life of Costa Ricans and their contagious joy.

Finally you’ll stay in Manuel Antonio, a place which provides both adventure and the simple relaxation of sunbathing on the seashore. 

A classic which new visitors will want to cover without a doubt. 

  1. Route across the north of Costa Rica

This route begins in San José, from where you can choose to go to the Arenal Volcano, to enjoy nature, adventure and its many hot springs where you can enjoy moments of pure relaxation. In this region you can visit the Sarapiquí River, which is ideal for racing down rapids in the middle of the tropical forest… Then continue to the Monteverde Cloud Forest, with its suspension bridges. You can also enjoy zip lines, which will leave you speechless, and their tree walkways. 

Finally, you’ll spend a few days at Tamarindo beach where you’ll taste the exquisite cuisine, its unique tropical fruits in all shapes and sizes and, if you like, you can experience local partying or even do water sports like surfing. If you go in season, you’ll see leatherback turtles nesting on the beach.

Gastronomy carries great weight on this route. The gastronomy of Latin American countries is world-renowned, and that of Costa Rica is no less famous. That’s why one of the best known dishes in this country is called Gallo Pinto. It’s a dish prepared with onion, rice, beans, garlic and onion. These ingredients are served in a tortilla to which white cheese, fried plantain, egg and sauce are added.

3. Tortuguero, Arenal and Guanacaste

Another route through Costa Rica which we’d like to recommend is that of Tortuguero, Arenal, and Guanacaste. Guanacaste is one of the most beautiful places to go to the beach. These are idyllic places with white sand, where you can also do water sports such as snorkelling, diving or surfing. Another of our suggestions is to go to the Santa Rosa National Park. There you’ll be able to see more than 250 different species of birds.

The beaches of Costa Rica included in this route are another of the many factors which make people from all over the world want to visit this country. Being in the middle of two different oceans, Costa Rica is surrounded by a pristine coastline. In addition, Costa Rican beaches are not usually crowded. Therefore, you can always find that magical place to have fun with your partner, friends or family, or the place where you find yourself.

4. Tortuguero, the Caribbean, Arenal, Monteverde and Manuel Antonio

If you prefer to simply enjoy nature, a route through these four places is perhaps what you’d like best. First of all, this all-inclusive tour of Costa Rica will offer you a visit to the Manuel Antonio National Park in Quepos. In this park you’ll find wonderful wildlife which also includes stunning coral reefs.

You’ll also see marmosets, raccoons, sloths and much more. One of Costa Rica’s strong points is its amazing biodiversity, which means you can enjoy mountain landscapes, beaches, etc. It’s also what makes you see unusual animals.

In Manuel Antonio National Park, you can see birds in every colour, in addition to the animals mentioned. No matter where you go in Costa Rica, there are all kinds of animals, since 5% of the biodiversity existing on our planet is concentrated in this country alone. Choosing this country, you’ll see so much in just one trip!

5. The south of Costa Rica, the wildest route!

This is a package which goes from coast to coast, passing through the most diverse tropical forests in the country. 

Starting with the North Caribbean and the impressive Tortuguero region, followed by the Arenal Volcano, in order to then take a break by the sea in Manuel Antonio, before reaching the wildest part of the country and ending up in the splendid Osa Peninsula and its gigantic Corcovado National Park. 

If you want to go on one of the wildest tours in Costa Rica, then one of the best options for nature lovers is to go to the south of the country, as it has a great adventure itinerary. In the south, you have two options: either fly to Puerto Jiménez, so you enter the Osa Peninsula directly, or continue in the direction of the Pacific coast, joining this route to any of the above if you like.

In addition to letting yourself be enveloped by the local attractions, in the Osa peninsula you can enjoy a day of snorkelling on the fantastic Isla del Caño. However, one of its main attractions is visiting the Corcovado National Park, where you can spend a few days both on the beach and in the middle of the jungle, discovering exotic birds, tapirs and going deeper into the immensity of the forest…

6. Tortuguero, the Caribbean, Arenal and Monteverde

There are many options for routes in Costa Rica with organised trips, and one of them includes these essential places. Many people claim that Tortuguero is a must-see destination. There are both forests with wild animals and rivers and beaches with green turtles.

In addition, after Tortuguero comes an incredible visit to the Caribbean. There you can visit beaches which will make an impression on you, such as Playa Blanca in the Cahuita National Park or the quiet Manzanillo to the south which borders Panama… These beaches will make your trip very special. If you want a day of relaxation to be included in your getaway, Costa Rica offers you days of sun, sea and sand without sacrificing entertainment and fun which travelling there always brings. It’s the perfect place for all types of tourism!

Additionally, after the Caribbean, this route also includes a visit to the famous Arenal volcano. In this area you can enjoy the hot springs, in addition to visiting the Arenal Volcano National Park, which also has fascinating and diverse wildlife such as tree frogs and jaguars. This route finally ends in Monteverde, where you’ll visit the entire mountain area and fall in love with its green vegetation. If you’re lucky you might even see a quetzal. Are you ready?

7. San José, Arenal, Monteverde and Manuel Antonio

The seventh route we offer mixes nature and cultural tourism, so it’s a very comprehensive tour. First, we offer you a visit to the capital, followed by a visit to the Arenal volcano, then the cloud forests of Monteverde and finally a visit to one of the twelve most beautiful parks on the planet which we’ve already included in other routes: the Manuel Antonio National Park.

Similar to the other routes we’ve already described, the focus in this route is on the exotic Costa Rican nature, with its diverse forests, continuous wildlife sightings and views which will take your breath away. Great for your guided tour!

8. San José, Arenal, Monteverde, Rincon de La Vieja and Manuel Antonio

This route is similar to another we’ve suggested, only after visiting the capital of Costa Rica, the Arenal volcano and Monteverde, you’ll end your stay in a volcanic area which you’ll love: the Rincon de La Vieja. Here you can also do adventure activities such as diving into streams, going down zip lines, as well as enjoying its flora and fauna.

Thanks to its good location, Costa Rica is full of mountain areas. The result is a country which offers you astonishing views, wherever you go.

Finally, you can rest on the shores of the Pacific in the lush Manuel Antonio, with its beautiful beach and unique forest full of wildlife. 

9. Costa Rica and Panama, from coast to coast

This package will take you to discover beautiful areas of both countries where you will not only enjoy the wonderful tropical forests and their abundant wildlife, but also the most popular areas of Costa Rica, visiting the beaches of Manuel Antonio, the Arenal Volcano, the magical cloud forest of Monteverde, the beautiful Costa Rican South Caribbean with its Caribbean rhythm and the beautiful islands of the Bocas del Toro Archipelago in Panama. 

During this complete 13-day package you’ll intensively explore the favourite places of Costa Rica, visiting the fantastic Manuel Antonio Beach and its dense forests, followed by the tropical forests of the Arenal Volcano, its adventures and hot springs, following the small Amazon of Costa Rica, where the aquatic landscapes reflecting the forest will leave you speechless. 

Then you’ll travel to the South, to the Puerto Viejo area, where reggae mixes with coconut to give you a unique and delicious Afro-Caribbean rhythm. 

You’ll end your trip in the Bocas del Toro Archipelago, where you’ll have the chance to walk along a seashore full of starfish, go to the bay of dolphins and snorkel in one of the most beautiful reefs in the Caribbean. 

10. A Taste of Costa Rica

On this tour you’ll use the fantastic city of San José as a centre for your activity and from there you’ll go in every direction to see the beaches, forests and legendary beauty of this small Central American country. 

A route which will take you on a tour of the city in the most comfortable and entertaining way, in order to experience the next day the adrenaline of rafting in the wild Pacuare River, completely surrounded by unspoiled forests.  You’ll continue this diverse route flying among the treetops in the San Luis Park. The next day you’ll see a very active volcano, the Poás, as well as a coffee exporter estate in production and the impressive Waterfalls Garden, with its gigantic aviary, hummingbirds and butterflies, and half a dozen waterfalls of all sizes. 

You’ll spend the last day of your vacation in this unique package on a white sandy beach with turquoise seas which you’ll reach aboard a comfortable catamaran. 

These tours in Costa Rica are truly unique. This country has so much to offer, from nature in the mountains, forests, on the beach or with its volcanoes, to cultural activities in the capital, as well as parties and traditions, as the whole country expresses its strong national pride. An example is the “National Horse Parade” the day after Christmas, which brings horses from all over Costa Rica. What are you waiting for to discover Costa Rica for yourself?


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