5 things you’ll learn when traveling to Costa Rica

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With all the time we have on this planet, it makes sense to try out different ways of life and places to live it, so you can learn all there is to know about what’s out there and what you like best. One particularly eye-opening experience is living in both a busy metropolis like London, Paris or Madrid and visit a modest, tropical,paradise like Costa Rica biodiversity. Here are some of the things you learn when you live in a concrete jungle and travel to Costa Rica.


1. You have a new appreciation for the sounds of nature.


When you live in a city, you may often find yourself longing for silence, an escape from the sounds of honking horns, racing trains, and chattering people. When you visit a secluded place in the country, you realize that it’s hard to find real silence anywhere, but the noise of singing birds, buzzing insects, rustling leaves or crashing waves are a welcome change.

2. You realize how important self-care is.


City living is inherently busy and, at times, overwhelming. It’s easy to forget, in the hustle and bustle of a fast-paced daily life, to carve out time to take care of ourselves, including our diet, skin, and inner peace. All it takes is a little time in nature like the beautiful beaches or relaxing forests in Costa Rica to feel refreshed.

3. You learn the value of personal space.


A busy, crowded city guarantees droves of people rushing around you everywhere you go.  To stand in nature by yourself is an incomparable treat after living among crowds.

4. You see the planet through new eyes.


It can be hard to remember the Earth herself when you live in a concrete jungle, but being able to feel grass, drink water that comes right from the ground and not a plastic bottle, and watch the sun set over the ocean instead of through skyscrapers is humbling.

5. Te vuelves más relajado.


This should go without saying, but it’s true.  A principal resident of a busy city is stress, and that negative energy permeates the air, affecting everyone. When you escape that and stay close to nature, it’s much easier to stay ahead of life’s regular challenges.

So what are you waiting for to travel to Costa Rica and enjoy all that nature has to offer you?


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