Are you planning to travel as a couple? 10 Exotic places to travel to in Central America

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Travelling as a couple can be the best kind of romantic experience – especially if you’re visiting a paradise like Central America. Seven countries with all their impressive natural beauty and cultural attractions, among which Costa Rica stands out for its mystery, mysticism and romance. If you’re gearing up for your honeymoon, get your backpacks and passports ready. The journey is about to begin!

Romance and adventure

1. Mundo Maya: tour the archaeological heritage of Guatemala, Honduras and Belize. Starting from La Antigua Guatemala, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1979, you can visit the Archaeological Park and the ruins of the ancient Mayan city of Quiriguá, on the banks of the Motagua River. Other archaeological sites: the Yaxha National Park, which comprises numerous cities in a stunningly beautiful landscape.

2. Jungles and volcanoes: nothing better to stir the passions of a honeymoon couple than the exuberance and vitality of the jungles and volcanoes of Central America. The best are found in Honduras and Nicaragua. The Masaya volcano stands out, with its 500-metre wide 200-hundred metre deep Santiago crater, where volcanic gases and smoke rise from the vents.

3. Relaxation and culture: Time for a break? In that case we recommend the Ruta de las Flores, or ‘Flower Route’ in El Salvador, a delightful journey through the mountains where you can learn about the traditions and gastronomy of the region, stopping where necessary for breaks in the small and colourful hotels.

Sun and sand on your honeymoon

 4. Playa de las Estrellas: located in Panama, it’s an amazing place. With its white sand beaches and turquoise waters, this beach on Isla Colon is home to giant orange starfish – You’ll only need a simple diving mask to be able to admire them.

5. Guanacaste Beaches: If you’re wondering what to see in Costa Rica, Guanacaste is a must. Here you have 200 km of Pacific coastline with a warm climate and white sand beaches perfect for water sports. Enjoy beaches off the beaten track such as Playa Grande, San Juanillo, Carrillo beach with its exotic palm trees or Dantita beach, hidden away behind the mountains, with its white sands and calm waters.

6. Útila beaches: with its mysterious pirate past and natural charm, the island of Útila is located in Honduras. Considered a sanctuary for whale sharks, it’s ideal for diving and snorkelling – in fact, according to the UN, it’s the best place in the world to dive.

What to see in Costa Rica

7. Nature: Costa Rica is one of the most precious jewels of Central America thanks to its natural riches. Bird watching is a big favourite with visitors. Costa Rica is home to almost 850 species of birds, including the mythical bird of the indigenous peoples: the quetzal, a symbol of power, abundance and fertility. Costa Rica has natural parks, wildlife refuges and protected areas of splendid natural beauty such as the Guanacaste National Park, with its 32,000 hectares of volcanoes, rain forest and cloud forest.

8. Culture and gastronomy: immerse yourself in Costa Rican culture – you’ll find the three most important museums in the capital in a stretch of less than one kilometre. This is the Museum Walk , with its historical, artistic and archaeological collections that reveal richness and diversity.

Here you can visit the National Museum, the Central Bank Museum and the Museum of Jade and Pre-Columbian Culture. You can’t leave the city without picking up some of the local handicrafts and enjoying delicious local dishes at the restaurants, markets and organic produce fairs. Each region has its traditional dishes based on the local produce of the area: corn, beans, cocoa, tomatoes, potatoes, sweet pepper and avocadoes among others.

9. Adventure: Costa Rica is the ideal destination for the adventurous. Hiking, horseback riding, zip lines, thrilling bridge crossings, rafting or scuba diving are just some of the activities that await you. Cocos Island , for example, is the favourite for diving: it’s considered one of the 10 best scuba diving spots in the world, and has been declared a World Heritage Site. Be impressed by the spectacular inhabitants of the underwater world: whale sharks, white tip sharks, stingrays, lobsters and coral reefs.

10. Wellness: Costa Rica is an ideal destination for relaxing and enjoying your honeymoon with activities that help you renew your energies, both physical and spiritual. How about taking a volcanic mud bath together? The ideal places for these activities are in Guanacaste: volcanoes, hot springs, the San Ramón cloud forest or Guiones Beach in Nosara.

Our recommendations

It is very easy to get to Central America, flight connections with the rest of the world are good – many of the world’s major airlines fly to its airports. Within the region we recommend getting around by plane, or using the bus services that link the different countries. Check your vaccination certificates, bear in mind any health recommendations and enjoy your honeymoon trip in Central America!



Romantic destinations to travel to in Central America

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