How much does it cost a dream vacation in Costa Rica?

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Pure mathematics: we decide the destination, we look at the weather, the time to travel and the price. In this way, if we have our eyes on Costa Rica as our next holiday destination, we will check what to see, what places to visit, what the weather is like, what the best time to travel to Costa Rica is, but also how much these holidays will cost. A price that can vary depending on whether you are going to organise it on your own or if you are going to leave it to the travel agency in Costa Rica. Let’s evaluate the price.

The price of the trip with a travel agency in Costa Rica

Hiring this type of trip with a specialised agency, such as Asuaire Travel, is an advantages which starts with the best price we are trying to find. Having more than 20 years of experience is one of the advantages and therefore being able to get the most competitive prices.

However, it is clear that the price of this trip will depend on what each traveller wants in terms of accommodation, visits or type of trip. However, it is interesting to know in general terms that travelling to Costa Rica is not excessively expensive  if we take into account the prices of meals, beverages, accommodations or transport. 

The typical dishes of Costa Rica and their prices

An interesting fact, in addition to the references that we are going to give you regarding prices, is that in Costa Rica you can use US dollars or colonos interchangeably.  This is why, and taking into account the change, it will always be advisable to pay in dollars so as not to be subject to the fluctuation that affects the local currency. 

So, to give you a clear idea of how much a meal can cost you in Costa Rica you should know that in most food houses in the country you can eat a set menu for about 8 or 10 dollars. Including dessert and drink. 

The most typical Costa Rican establishments are called sodas. Eating a casado, one of the most typical dishes in Costa Rica, in this type of establishment can cost you about 7 dollars.  However, here is a small list for you to get a better idea of the prices of typical dishes. 

– Gallo pinto: between 4 and 5 dollars.

– Chorreadas: maximum 3 dollars.

– Olla de carne: about 3 dollars.

– Chifrijo: between 5 and 7 dollars.

– Ceviche: between 5 and 7 dollars.

The price of transport

It is interesting to consider these references especially when calculating how much your holiday can cost you in this destination. Why? It’s very simple. As it is a very small country, it is normal to get around by public transport so that you don’t miss out on seeing anything. Let’s see how much these transports cost.

– Buses: they are cheap throughout the country if we consider that a trip, depending on the distance, can cost you between 0.20 and 0.70 dollars. There are other types of buses for longer journeys that can cost about 2 dollars. 
– Taxis: they use a metre, which means you can see the price of your trip. We have one tip regarding this: ensure that when you get into the taxi the metre is not already on and also ensure that it is not turned off.

– Internal flights: flying between cities and with flights that last less than an hour they are not very expensive. In this case we cannot give you an exact figure because, as with international flights, the price varies depending on many factors. We can only tell you that they are not excessively expensive if you book them through a trusted agency before arriving at the destination.

Other expenses to plan the cost of your holiday

To complete this price plan for a trip to Costa Rica it must definitely be made clear that this will increase or decrease depending on what your plan is regarding what to see in Costa Rica. So, for example, if you dare to go on an excursion to see the curious and famous turtle nesting, you must take into account the price of these types of activities. This is priced at about $ 30.

Everything is easier with a travel agency in Costa Rica

Although prices are affordable, if we start adding everything you will need to book a perfect trip on your own, the amount can end up being more than you imagined. It will always be more expensive than opting for the packages offered by a good travel agency in Costa Rica like Asuaire. The specialisation and volumes of travellers they work with explain why you will have a better trip for a much lower price. It is a simple equation to which the fact of not having to do the math or go through any trouble during the journey can be added.  


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