How to plan the perfect family vacation in Central America?

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Are you planning your next family holidays but are not sure where to start? Asuaire Travel has the secret to living the perfect family vacation in Central America!


 1. Affordable prices

We know it’s difficult to budget a family trip, however Asuaire Travel offers a variety of prices where you can choose your stay in Central America in big chain resorts or  personalised boutique hotels with a much more affordable prices. You can also find cheap international direct flights from many European countries: Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Holland, England and France.


2. Natural adventures for all ages to enjoy

Imagine the perfect family adventure in Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Panama! Nature walks through rainforest paths surrounded by intense wildlife, cross suspension bridges over ancient trees and feel the adrenaline rush of flying while zip-lining through the monteverde cloud forest. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?

3. Visit an active volcano!

Admire an active Costa Rica volcano where you can appreciate explosions that will surprise your whole family. Swim in natural hot springs from the volcano, perfect for children to enjoy jumping from one pool to the other, while you enjoy an extreme relaxation.


There are numerous  activities and tours all your family members can enjoy, the perfect family vacation in Central America!


4. Admire intense biodiversity

Central America is the realm of natural biodiversity, especially the Costa Rica biodiversity, you can experience countless adventures immersed in this natural paradise. Wake up to the sound of monkeys, join guided night hikes and discover diverse flora and fauna that you’ve never seen before.


5. Tropical beach days with the family

Are you and your family beach lovers? Imagine visiting a dreamlike beach on the other side of the world… Sounds like the experience that your children will want to share when they grow up. Where you can take yoga lessons, meditate to the sound of the sea or enjoy the best Costa rica Surf, or simply enjoy a quiet day under the shade of palm trees, building sandcastles and playing with the waves.

6. Nature is your school in Central America

Aside from the fun and relaxation that happens in Central America, countries here are really conscious for the environment’s wellbeing. Where you can learn how to minimize your footprint, how to plant a tree and especially learn to become aware of the importance of our planet and do something about it.


Currently Costa Rica is one of the greenest countries in the world, with more than 5% of the world’s biodiversity, a destination that has a lot to teach to those who visit.

A fun, relaxing, learning and family friendly trip. These are the perfect family vacation in Central America!




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