Do you know what are the 5 active volcanoes in Costa Rica?

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You’ve probably heard that Costa Rica is a land of beautiful beaches, stunning rainforest and a destination of immense biodiversity, but did you know this country is home to many, MANY volcanoes? Asuaire Travel describes the 5 active volcanoes in Costa Rica you won’t want to miss.


1. Poas Volcano

Poas Volcano is located about 2,700 meters above sea level, one of the best tourist places in Costa Rica for a quick day tripsince it is located just one hour away from Juan Santamaría International Airport.

It tends to be an easy drive, free of traffic and featuring some beautiful vegetation to admire along the way.


The best time to visit is during the morning before the clouds begin to cover the crater.

We recommend planning a guided hike through the trails of the volcano and thus have the opportunity to observe the amazing wildlife found in the cloud forest of PoaVolcano, including hummingbirds, frogs and even the incredible quetzal.

active volcanoes in Costa Rica

Add this destination to your first or last day trip in Costa Rica, because this is definitely a volcano you’ll want to visit!

2. Irazu Volcano

Irazu Volcano is the highest volcano in Costa Rica, with elevations ranging up to 3,400 meters and is located in Cartago, which is Costa Rica’s ancient capital city.


The volcano’s primary attraction is the Diego de la Haya crater, which features an amazing green 300-meter lake.

The best time to visit is March and April, when there is little rain and you can easily enjoy the many hiking trails, traditional restaurants and souvenir shops.


Near this site you can also enjoy other amazing destinations, such as Prusia, a beautiful park with 16 kilometers of walking trails among beautiful forests; or also the Sanatorio Duran, and old and abandoned hospital said to be “haunted”.

More adventures await on your next trip to the 5 active volcanoes in Costa Rica!

3. Turrialba Volcano

Also located in Cartago, Turrialba is the most active volcano in Costa Rica. This isn’t as popular a tourist destination as the other volcanoes, so it’s a good spot to visit if you’re looking to get away from crowds and enjoy a rural culture.


Turrialba features a great variety of natural beauty, which is home to impressive wildlife, such as giant toads, agouti, toucans, howler monkeys, armadillos, and long-tailed hermits.

This volcano is known for its constant release of white smoke and ash. At 3,340 meters above sea level, Turrialba Volcano is the second largest volcano in Costa Rica.

On a clear day, you can even see other volcanoes from the top!


4. Rincon de la Vieja Volcano

Rincon de la Vieja volcano is located in Guanacaste and is part of a vast National Park covering 14,087 hectares. One of its particular features is the presence of “fumaroles” through the protected area, many of which are used to produce geothermal energy.


You can admire a unique vegetation and some of the most beautiful waterfalls in Costa Rica, including the amazing Waterfall La Cangreja.


This is a destination where you can truly enjoy the best adventure in Costa Rica. Experience the adrenaline rush of flying on a zip-line, jumping into waterfalls, relaxing in natural hot springs or horseback riding among the most beautiful landscapes of GuanacasteWhat are you waiting for?

5. Arenal Volcano

And finally, the famous Arenal Volcano, one of the best tourist destinations in Costa Rica.


The Arenal Volcano, located at 1,670 meters above sea level, besides being a stunning conical volcano to admire, you can also enjoy various activities such as the delicious natural hot springs, a zip-lining canopy tour, swim in waterfalls and take some of the best hikes in La Fortuna, San Carlos.


La Fortuna is a rural town that retains Costa Rican traditions, where you can taste typical delicious restaurants, visit natural destinations within walking distance and definitely appreciate an unforgettable view of the Arenal Volcano.

Which of these 5 active volcanoes in Costa Rica are still missing on your bucketlist? Each one with its charm has a lot to offer on your next visit to Central America.





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