8 reasons why Green Season is secretly the best time to know Costa Rica

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Normally people travel to Costa Rica during Dry Season where everything’s sunny and pretty much alive, but it can get to be a little too much for some travellers. Once you get to enjoy this country with a little bit of rain, you’ll discover its charm and won’t want Green Season to end!

Here Asuaire Travel Agency shares with you eight true reasons why Green Season is secretly the best time to visit Costa Rica:


 1. Lush rainforest grows intensely


You’ve never truly experienced such vibrant and intense vegetation until you visit Costa Rica’s rainforests during Rainy Season!

It tends to rain almost every afternoon, so thanks to this, plants absorb much more water and grow in a real obvious way all over the country. You’ll even find vegetation growing in between concrete in the streets. It’s beautiful!

The weather becomes cooler than dry season which is nicer for people who are not loving real heavy warm weather. Perfect for hiking through the lush rainforest!

2. Summer shines in the Caribbean


There’s a real interesting fact about Costa Rica’s weather. Did you know that you can be in the city of San José enjoying a regular sunny day, but then, if you drive down 20 minutes towards the Caribbean you’ll find a total opposite weather? Cloudy forest with enormous green leaves hanging over the road, like in Parque Nacional Braulio Carrillo.

Basically, when it starts raining all around the country it’s probably sunny in the South Caribbean Coast. Interesting, right?

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3. More luxury for less


Between the months of May and November Low Season begins, where about every tour and hotel reduce their rates. You’ll find a lot more specials and availability during this season!

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4. Uncrowded popular destinations


High Season can actually become a real busy time for tourism in Costa Rica. Traffic increases and beaches get real crowded. As for Green Season, you’ll easily find parks, trails or even beaches all to yourself to enjoy. The quieter the place is, the more of nature you’ll get to admire!

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5. Amazing animal migration begins


It’s that time of the year where all kinds of animals migrate to Costa Rica. From immense humpback whales splashing to turtles nesting in the South Pacific Coast. It’s a wonderful time to visit the area of Osa Peninsula for a true wildlife experience!

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6. Coffee harvest season is here!


For many coffee lovers this can sound like heaven! How about experiencing picking and making real fresh Costa Rican coffee? And learn a lot more about the history and culture its coffee production.

7. Immense waterfalls flowing

waterfalls flowing

Since it rains a lot more, rivers are fuller. Which make waterfalls spectacular and the best time to practice the most exciting white water rafting!

8. Cozy rainy afternoons to relax and enjoy the sounds of nature


There’s nothing as good as travelling and enjoying the simple pleasures of life. Something as simple but yet calming, is to sit outside your porch with your Costa Rican homemade cup of coffee, and just lay back and enjoy nature’s Rainy Season show! This is what we call: Pura Vida!

Start planning your next trip to Central America with Asuaire Travel Agency and enjoy the perks of Green Season in Costa Rica! Design your customised trip now here.


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