Get to know the typical dishes of Guacanaste!

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Do you want to know what to eat and what to see in Guanacaste? There are typical Costa Rican foods which you cannot miss. 

Beyond everything with which a travel agency specialized in trips to Central America can help you, discovering everything that the country offers you is part of your travel experience. Of course, you have to know important things before heading to your destination, such as getting to Guanacaste without problems, knowing the main tourist attractions in Liberia or knowing what you can expect from a place like Tamarindo.

Gastronomy: typical Costa Rican meals


Many types of tourism have grown in Costa Rica in recent times. Some keys to its effectiveness in attracting different types of people seeking diverse experiences is, precisely, the diversity offered by this country. For this reason, the country currently receives gastronomic tourism, ecotourism and adventure tourism. It is a land full of opportunities available to every traveller.

In addition to having rainforests and dream beaches, Costa Rica also preserves a lot of traditions from indigenous cultures. This can be appreciated in the urban lines of its main cities, in their traditional costumes, in the colours seen in the streets and, also, in the meals cooked. The gastronomic customs of the pre-colonization villages are still highly present in their most typical and traditional dishes.

The casado


The casado is, undoubtedly, one of the most typical meals you can taste throughout the country. It is very common throughout its geography, but it has variants depending on where it is prepared. It consists mainly of red beans, white rice and red pepper with onion and fried plantain. In addition, it is usually accompanied by a cabbage salad with tomatoes and carrots.

It often carries different types of meat or fish. These meats may be chicken, pork or beef, and may also be accompanied by roasted onions. Usually, meat pieces are sauteed or grilled, but never fried. In addition to plantains, potatoes or vegetables can also be served fried to accompany the meat as a side dish. On many occasions, other tropical fruits are also added, such as avocado.

The ceviche


Ceviche is also considered a typical dish of traditional Costa Rican cuisine. It may be prepared in several ways, but its main ingredient is raw fish. Fresh specimens fished nearby are always used, usually tilapia or local croaker, which is similar to white sea bass. Once the fish has been chopped, it is marinated with citrus juices, such as lime.

As a general rule, very chopped herbs and several types of vegetables are added to the marinade. The choice of one vegetable or another may contrast with the fish chosen and make the ceviche taste very differently from one place to another. It is a dish served as an appetizer, very similar to spatter.

The gallo pinto


This meal is also very strong, and yet it is a typical Costa Rican breakfast. It consists of mixing white rice with red beans. A real load of energy to start the day with strength! Usually, more calories are also added, since they are served in corn tortillas and filled with this protein mixture and eggs (either fried or scrambled), minced meat and, of course, fried plantain.

In this Central American country, sauces are also highly important. Spices play a crucial role in highlighting some flavours of their meats or vegetables, so they are widely used in almost every dish. Sauces, composed by outstanding spices, are also highly used. Specifically, the gallo pinto is usually seasoned with Lizano sauce, which has a dark brown colour with greenish touches. It’s a bit sweet and highlights the salty flavours of this complete breakfast dish.

Other meals, drinks and activities to enjoy in Costa Rica


Although these are the most common meals in Costa Rica, this does not mean that your trip should be limited to eating in restaurants. Not at all! There are too many things to do in the country to be sitting in a place with no views. Visit establishments near the beaches, where you can also enjoy typical meals. Also, don’t limit yourself to food. Try also typical drinks while doing activities!

One of the most frequent drinks in Costa Rica, in addition to its famous coffee, is the chan. It is sweet, but not cloying. You can also try their refreshing natural juices while hiking or visiting what you must see in Guanacaste that day. Try a natural soda for adventure!


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